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Oct 31, 2005
Yeah good to think back to the early days.

The first game I remember was 87 Cup final when I was 8, I already had that Hummel/Holsten top so must have been a fully fledged supporter by then. My influence was my cousin who was a few years older than me and he was lucky enough to have the Chris Waddle mullet, how I looked up to him and how I wanted that haircut but was never allowed.

First game at the Lane was Spurs vs Coventry in 92/93, we lost 2 nil and Gordon Durie headbutted some fella and got banned after an inquiry, by the next game we had signed Sheringham and I didn't miss a home game for 3 seasons.

Also I'm from Muswell Hill and Wood Green so there was only one other choice - Barnet.
Jan 22, 2004
My first recollection of the Mighty Spurs is when my Uncle took me to WHL (Man U I think-failing memory due to being 'old fart') '59 aged 8. Loved the Lillywhite shirts and that noble badge!! Also have some memories of the Typhoo pics [ unfortunately my family wouldn't change from Brooke Bond PG Tips, so no pics for me :-( ] The rest as they say is history, through good and bad!!
and I remember my uncle going on about this great player Tommy Harmer who was full of tricks and a wizard with the ball.
I remember in the 70's playing a charity match versus ex-Spurs 11 (Chivers referee) while playing for Kilburn Rovers and letting in 5 against Tommy Harmer and Cliff Jones etc. You were right Worcester' he was tricky. Went to dive out at his feet..... too late... flicked the ball over me cool as you like!!
Funniest memory.. losing my shoe in a crowd surge (pre all-seater stadiums) and the steward telling me to move out of that section and after yelling my situation to him, having to wait for my shoe to be passed over their heads by the crowd in front of me!! The things we endure to follow our Spurs!!
Would we have it any other way?
ps Now residing in Adelaide, Sth Australia so only get to see them when Foxtel decide to show them unfortunately


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Jul 10, 2006
Houdini: I'm one of the 'Ol 'Farts' that remembers the Typhoo Tea team photos - but must have been c. 1962/3-ish (still have them somewhere). Think they did them over a couple of seasons. They must have drunk a lot of tea in our house (and the neighbours also contributed to the vouchers) as after getting Spurs, we collected just about the whole lot. My younger bro initially followed my enthusiasm for Spurs, but when it was his turn to choose a team photo to send for and we'd already got Spurs, he wanted to know who he could send for. Even then he wasn't allowed Arse, so was told Wolves are 'colourful in gold and black'. He sent away for their photo, Spurs lost a fan and to this day he still follows the Molyneux mob.
Nice One Squirrel, After careful thought and reminiscing, i think you are correct in the dates for the Typhoo cards and photos, it was a different set of cards that i had collected and it was a couple of years later i sent off for the Typhoo pics!(I think i got a rosette with the photo). I also recall my brother being allowed to send off for his team pic (Liverpool) first, it took ages to collect the required pics from the tea packs, but neighbours and everyone would help, IF they drank the same tea! I am trying to recall the actual cards i first collected!
Jun 12, 2006
Started supporting in 1988, favourite player being Paul Walsh at the time, also loved the commitment and effort of Paul Stewart. We entered our worst period after Venables left. IMHO, we did have some great players in the dark years that followed venables (90's and early 2000's), but I think we had below par managers and this coupled with our overcrowded injury rooms, were the main reasons why we struggled so terribly during this period. Couldn't understand it when we sold Nick Barmby, thought he was going to be superb for us. Can vividly remember Graham Poll denying a clear penalty (when Teddy was tripped) in the dying minutes of the league cup final loss to Blackburn. If it was manu, arse or pool, he would have certainly given the pen. Always thought that when the chips were down, refs showed us no respect, even against lesser teams. Not saying we were world beaters, but never a team to get the rub of the green. I have great respect for MJ, and am quite certain he will take us back to the glory days. God knows, we want it. And we deserve it. So lets step forward and take it. NOW!!!!


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Jun 27, 2004
Good read.

I was born in 86 and I have vague memories of watching the 91 cup final, but apart from that I've had a pretty shit spurs supporting life (luckily we are finally on our way up again now though.)
Dec 6, 2006
When I was about 7 I used to go to the ground and play football up against the wall at the park lane while the games were going on, I'm sure there used to be engineering firms in the stand back then.
In them days they used to open the gates mid way through the second half ready to let people out so I used to go in then, never saw much because it was terraces and I was only waste high but the noise and atmosphere was fantastic.
After that I started going to games with a box I think it was a tanner at the boys entrance in the East Stand, oh Christ I'm welling up here,... I guess that means I've been a supporter for over fifty years.
I have been a member for sometime keeping up todate with all things Spurs, but this post has prompted me to make my first post.

I, too, played football against the gates in Paxton Road in the early sixties and under the East Stand at reserve games. The comment about getting into games when the gates opened in the second half bought back a 'low memory' for me. In the 1962/1963 the 3rd round of the FA Cup against Burnley was played midweek afternoon because of bad weather. I remember getting out of St Paul's primary school in Park Lane (now the community centre) and getting in the see the end of the game which we lost 0-3. The engineering firm in the Park Lane stand made Thermos flasks. Lots of great memories of FA Cup and European wins, and great players of each generation over the years. Now exiled in the north (live in Bradford and work in Manchester) I rely on away games in the north of England to keep the faith. Sunderland on the 11 August can't come quick enough!!
Jul 27, 2005
I remember being in tears when my dad told me Chris Waddle had been sold to Marseille for 4.5m...can remember my dad coming up the stairs and me coming out of my bedroom door to be greeted with the news that he had was more of a shock than Glenda going as we all knew his intentions before the season was out.


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May 20, 2005
46 years man and boy (yes I was an infant glory hunter :)

So many memories - I too remember the Typhoo pics - I remember a black and white booklet that celebrated the arrival of jimmy Greaves - I remember my first heart break watching spurs lose on TV to Benfica in 62 - I remember too much I remember too little - but one thing I have never been fickle, and I don't think anywhere near all spurs fans are such - I've always loved the club and stayed positive towards it


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Aug 14, 2006
My memories are dotted through all these threads like a patchwork.

I was born in Argyle Road in Tottenham at the end of 1947 and lived there until I was 21. My dad took me to games now and then when I was really little, from age 5 onwards and sat me on a barrier on the terraces so I could see the pitch. I have vague recollections of Tommy Harmer, Len Duquemin, Ted Ditchburn, Johnny Brooks, Alfie Stokes and Micky Dulin (before he broke his leg and had to give up playing).

Starting going to games on my own (in the boys entrance - well, there wasn't a girls entrance!) when I was 12 so I was lucky enough to see the Double team take shape and enter the most glorious years of Spurs history. I stood right on the centre line fence opposite the players tunnel, with pals of all ages that I made on the terraces, right through my teens and into my twenties. Once I started work at 16, I went to lots of away games but was always happy to watch the reserves too (where there were often gates of 12 - 13,000 some Saturdays) and scorelines like 10-0 in our favour. There were international players in the reserves who couldn't get regular first team places, for example Mel Hopkins, Tony Marchi and Terry Medwin.

I was definitely spoiled with a real feast of football in those years. I can remember having flu and not being able to go to an evening game on one occasion. I sat in bed with the light off and looked through my autographed photo albums by the light of the floodlights which shone directly into the room and sobbed, hearing the roar of the crowd and was utterly miserable because I couldn't be there.

Went to the 62 Cup Final when we defeated Burnley, cried on the night we beat Benfica but lost on aggregate, sneaked out of the house and queued all night to get cup tickets (my mum despaired of me and made me go to bed to catch up on lost sleep!), held the Cup Winners Cup through the gates at WHL when the team came back in triumph.

Got to know a lot of the players and babysat for quite a few of them. Still keep in touch with Cliff Jones and family.

I'm sure I must have known some of you other "oldies" who grew up in Tottenham. Both my sisters (both older than me) went to St Paul's but I went to Coleraine Park. I was an avid autograph hunter when I was a kid and was always at the Lane in school holidays and regularly went to Cheshunt to watch the team training too.

I could write a book ...


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Sep 9, 2004
First game at home to Blackburn in 1964, first full season 1966. Went with my dad home and away through to 1987, when I went away to make my fortune. Dad still goes most weeks, he's been regular since the 50's. He might know you Cosmic. Too many good memories. The first home match after we signed Ricky and Ozzy. The ticker tape reception, ala the world cup was amazing. (We lost) Meeting Bill Nicholson.
Cliff Jones, blood pouring from his head, arm in a sling and still crossing the ball with pin point accuracy. Gilly and Greavesie, the G men. Arriving at the Lane on a Sunday morning at 3 a.m. queing for cup final tickets, (regularly)
Makes me almost weep with fond memories.