Paul Parker: Forget money, why would anyone want to leave Tottenham?

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Oct 18, 2017.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Oct 18, 2017.

  1. Dougal
    Oh shut up Parker!

    Sorry, keep forgetting people are saying nice things about us now. Old habits.

    Well said Paul.
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  2. TottenhamMattSpur
    Bout time someone said something sensible.

    If I was offered £100k a week to score for Tottenham or £300k a week to score for someone else (against Tottenham or for a rival potentially!) It'd be the £100k a week at Tottenham. Every. Single. Time.

    I'd feel dirty scoring and winning points for a team that isn't Tottenham.
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  3. Everlasting Seconds
    Because they are a fuckwit fullback failing to fathom.
  4. kr1978
    he is bang on

    Nice to see an ex pro talking about us in such a common sense way, especially considering he played for Utd
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  5. double0
    Well Kyle Walker wanted to go. I suppose we wanted the money too.
  6. guiltyparty
    What a thoroughly sensible article. Did someone break the internet?
  7. dontcallme
    I always did like Spiderman.
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  8. guiltyparty
    Yeah isn't a great look if the first player to leave the stable wins the league at his first attempt. Why I really don't want City to win it, altho I'm struggling to think of a viable alternative if it's not us.

    Everton? o_O
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  9. Chris_D
    Yes we're doing well but ultimately the top players want top money and either we'll pay up or lose them. I hope we can find the cash, for the first time we've got a top class team let's not break it up.
  10. TottenhamMattSpur
    This is why we've put such an emphasis on youth development. Breed players that want to play for us and us alone.
  11. guiltyparty
    This made me laugh for a lot longer than it should have (y)
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  12. Arnoldtoo
    If I was offered £300k a week to score for someone else, I'd still miss. :(
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  13. Gassin's finest
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  14. Japhet
    One thing the Americans have got right (IMO) is the salary cap in the NFL. They also control recruitment via the draft pick system which means that the playing field is kept much more level and competition is encouraged. They can do it because they are a single nation but FIFA and EUFA are so inept and riddled with corruption that they could never get such a scheme off the ground. A few 'elite' (or financially doped clubs to you and me) just throw more and more money at whatever they want and many of the players will chuck their careers away to feed their bank balances. It is ruining the game and turning the whole thing into a cheque writing competition.

    I feel that THFC are a breath of fresh air at the moment but we are vulnerable to the advances of the clubs without financial constraints. I hope to God we win something soon because players seem besotted with numbers where money is concerned when they already earn more than they could possibly need.
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  15. wakefieldyid
    When the "top players" prioritise money over the needs of the team, it's a sign that they ought to be allowed to go, but this doesn't need to be a bad thing. It's up to the club to ensure that it can be done in an controlled manner in order that a suitable replacement is already bedded in. I personally sense that Toby's been told that the club will sanction his transfer when they are convinced that Sanchez and Foyth have settled with us.
  16. Mullers
    Why would anyone leave Spurs? To win trophies, his article even says it's hard to see us winning a trophy. I don't think any top player wants to go through his career winning nothing.
  17. Database
    American system sucks. Can't stand it.
  18. Greenspur
    That is his cousin Peter, surely.

    Edit: *Meant to be in response to Spider-Man post.

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