Pochettino: Formation change key to win

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Oct 14, 2017.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Oct 14, 2017.

  1. N17Jack
    I have been going all my life and we now have the best team Ive ever seen. The sad consequence of being so good and playing on a big pitch is that all bar 3-4 teams turn up and play 11 at the back.

    The bigger pitch makes our pressing game a little less effective and 90 mins of stout defending by the opposition is not great to watch as we try to break them down.

    On the other hand at Newcastle and Everton for instance, they have to try to play football and we have been much better to watch as a consequence.

    The formation change did help but Bournemouth continued to waste time and defend deep even when they were losing, they only really went for it in the last 10 mins when they brought Defoe on.

    I suppose this is just how its going to be.
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  2. mawspurs
    Yes that will be the game plan of most teams coming to play us at Wembley. Defend for 80 attack for the last 10 when they think we will be tired and collapse.
    That won’t work as well as some might think due to our fitness levels. Over the course of the season I think it will work less and less as other teams tire and we learn how to beat that tactic.
  3. Shadydan
    Can't be right for a man who has no plan B
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  4. naumanfaizi
    In what ways did Pochettino change the formation in the second half?
  5. N17Jack
    He went from a flat back 4 to a three with Dier dropping back, which allowed Vertonghen and Trippier to push forward more
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