Spurs close in on Southampton Duo

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by BTN1, Jul 28, 2014.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by BTN1, Jul 28, 2014.

  1. guate
    I would assume with this article from the BBC that this is going to happen, unless times have changed that much and they no longer report impartial news, unlike the rest of the British media.
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  2. rupsmith
    The only thing that concerns me is number of players that we have in those positions. While they are both good players, I'm not sure how much of a significant improvement they are from who we already have. For instance Dembele, Chadli, Kane, Benteleb, Paulinho, Sandro (did I miss anyone out?)

    We need central defenders - if Lovren was 20 million do we really need a 27 million midfielder (Schniederlin). And what exactly will Rodriquez bring to the table.

    If this story is true, clearly Poch rates them and thats good to see but I'm slightly apprehensive. Hope it works out
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  3. stuffies
    Can't see DL paying 27mil for morgan though ....not unless we're selling paulinho or sandro for a fee near the same amount.

    Both decent players though and wouldn't mind them,but we then need to move some on.....but wouldn't be down beat if we got neither.
    Can see Southampton wanting near 40mil for both and I just can't see DL parting with that amount for them.....
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  4. Hotspur33
    Agreed, would rather see the money spent on a CB.
  5. alamo
    Couldn't see him paying the amount he did for Bobby Soldier either. But he did.

    Really hope at least MS happens. I want a big shiny new signing to start the season with.
  6. alamo
    Howsabout Lovren? Ah.....
  7. greywizard2020
    These two would be top additions if this is true. Both really flourished under Pochettino at Southampton & if they came I am sure they would acquit themselves with aplomb.

    I would quite happily see Chadli, Capoue & paulinho & dembele get sold at some point this summer because they have all been really average.
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  8. Pat Rice Spurs fan
    I'm guessing that Pochettino has seen enough in the US (even without Sandro, Paulinho, Dembele, Chadli & Bentaleb), to feel reinforcements are needed.
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  9. Lucky22
    Think this would be superb and allow us to sell off some dead wood. Exciting additions who will immediately fall into the new playing style.
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  10. VanDerBurr
    Great signings I think. Rodriguez got 17 goals last season how many of our players got that ? His movement is brilliant and with " better players" providing him could be prolific when fit,
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  11. millsey
    Agreed. He really excites me, and being English is feel good factor too. I'm guess it may be more like 30 mill for the two of them. Sandro to be sold, and maybe holtby too
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  12. TottenhamMattSpur
    FML, the footballing equivalent of a bird buying Ugg boots.
    Massively over priced "at the moment" designer players.
    In a year or two said Bird will have abandoned silly looking boots and will now be full of regret of what the money could have been spent on.

    *opinion based on media suggested values.
    If levy brings them in for under 20m combined I'll take it ALL back.
  13. JimmyG2
    My mum used to buy things because they might come in handy
    and not throw anything away because you never know.
    We suffered last year from the Bale money
    being thrown at the wall to see if any of it stuck.
    let's not do the same again.
    Another year or three of transition friends.
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  14. jenko
    one way overpriced & one crocked. I'm not blown away with optimism.
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  15. GetSpurredOn
    £27m for the two? I'd take that.
    Suspect Sandro could be off, maybe Paulinho too.
    Maybe Dawson & Ekotto offered to Saints to fill in for Lovren and Shaw?
    Can't see it being anyone else. Holtby is a stayer in my opinion, good engine to work the high press, had the tenacity to play deeper but also has the skillset to play more advanced.
    Schneiderlin to replace Sandro, Rodriguez for the LWF role, cutting edge, also able to share duties with Kane and fill in upfront if needed.

    Get a LCB and were done in my opinion, maybe a RB too if Naughton goes.
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  16. TottenhamMattSpur
    £27,000,000 for one one them.
    Expect these two to come to over £40m combined.
    Ludicrous sums of money.
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  17. GetSpurredOn
    Really? No way. Can't see Levy stumping up £27m for Schneiderlin. £16-18m maybe, £10m for Rodriguez.
  18. TottenhamMattSpur
    I'm not keen on either at the prices being banded about.
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  19. GetSpurredOn
    Lallana was £25m, and he carries the excess all English players do. Capoue has more French caps than Schneiderlin, yet would be less than half the price?

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