The All New Spurs U21, U18 & Other Youth News Thread


Just call me Baz
Apr 1, 2005
They drew 3-3 with strong Spammers team last match so pretty strong side. Especially considering the age of our lads as well as lack of experience in front of crowds.
What constitutes a strong Spammers side? They've been playing Europa so I wouldn't think it would be a full side.


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May 21, 2007
It's only a friendly so doesn't matter. I remember under Francis we won all our preseason friendlies and had a horrid start to the season. Means fuck all just getting fitness levels up.
The infamous 2 points from 8 games season, we smashed the friendlies iirc


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Apr 5, 2013
Haha yea - I was at that game with my Roma supporting cousin and two of his friends when they visited from Rome.

Bent and Bentley were on fire and we destroyed them - was so optimistic about the up coming season (less so 8 games in)

In reality we were just further ahead in our preseason preparation than them and we out fitnessed them so to speak

So since then I learned not to pay attention to results or even performances really in preseason - it's just a matter of getting fit, trying things out and gelling

Its nice to win and play great preseason but its not an indication of what is about to come