The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 8th June 2016

Discussion in 'The January 2016 Transfer Rumours Archive' started by Archibald&Crooks, Jun 8, 2016.

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  1. $hoguN

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  2. Grapo2001

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    When was the last time we signed a striker? It is anything but a safe bet that we will sign one striker, let alone two!
  3. BPR_U16

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    are you millsey in disguise?
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  4. stevenurse

    stevenurse Palacios' neck fat

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    Irrespective of if Batsuayi comes in, surely the fact we've had Janssen over and held talks etc means we are prepared to take him as well?

    I doubt we would actually meet the player and then mug him off to decide to go with Batsuayi. We may well get him too considering the new TV money etc and if we were to lose Chadli (don't know where this has come from but wouldn't be against it) then it not only replaces him like for like but also signing Janssen gives us the direct back up to Kane we were crying out for last season. Wouldnt say it was inconceivable that we get both.

    If we spend £40m approx on these two and maybe £10m-15m on wanyama then I'd take that as a successful window if we can move on Chadli and Carroll. We aren't far away from having a squad with adequate back up in every position
  5. guy

    guy SC Supporter

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    Think njie would have to make way too
  6. SpartanSpur

    SpartanSpur Well-Known Member

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    I'd be happy with this scenario:-

    Janssen in
    Batshuayi in
    N'Jie loan to L'OM as a sweetener
    Chadli out

    Looking at approx £30m net spend, leaving funds for Wanyama and maybe one more based on outgoings.

    Might be tough on one of the incomings re game time unless there are injuries but gives us a double chance at striking gold on ST depth. I think Bats would be a regular sub or even in a 2, Janssen would be the understudy. Seems too good for a 3rd striker but most CL clubs have this sort of depth and as Poch says, you join us to train, not play.
  7. Young Nasty Man

    Young Nasty Man Active Member

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    Do find it interesting that Schneiderlin isn't even a consideration and it's all in for (or according to ITK) Wanyama. I wonder if this is cause of Dier, Dembele or pure availability. Find it interesting how Poch has viewed those players as the cog for that team.
  8. jb_1986

    jb_1986 Member

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    Everyone is talking like having 3 strikers is a terrible thing? Almost all teams do, next year city are likely to have Aguero, PEA,Bony and Inhenacho.. blimey..
  9. Antilokhos

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    I'm sure Schneiderlin's wages are astronomical after going to United.
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