Tim Sherwood: I would have got Champions League place

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, May 11, 2014.

  • by mawspurs, May 11, 2014 at 9:07 PM
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    Tottenham boss Tim Sherwood says his team would have earned a Champions League spot if he had been in charge all season.

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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, May 11, 2014.

  1. Sweetsman
  2. chinaman

    A bad character deserves a bad comment that befits him.
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  3. Lufti
    Not going to go through it all again. You're constantly digging up the same argument with everyone and it's so boring. The points for why everything you've just said is rubbish have been made numerous times. He's going to be gone by next season, get over it.
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  4. postigol
    The thrashings under him were as hard to take as the ones under AVB, but averaging over 59% for wins is impressive in any case, even more so in the context of half of the season following the upheaval that went before it.

    I like Sherwood but can't think of a manager who has polarised fans so much - it seems no-one is ambivilent towards him, they either rate him or hate him.

    I can't see him being at Spurs next season in any capacity - if he loses the head coach role he'll leave the club. However, I can see him at Norwich or Blackburn and maybe back here some time in the future when he has a bit more experience under his belt.
  5. Sweetsman
    Rory Smith in The Times:
    ' Tim Sherwood putting a fan on the bench against Villa: biting satire on Daniel Levy's inability to stick with a manager, or accidental pastiche of what Spurs have basically been doing since they sacked André Villas-Boas?'
    Damning comment dealt with a deft hand.
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  6. postigol
    Well, perhaps not. It's true that 1.91pts per game multiplied by 38 games does come out at 73pts, but if we had achieved such a points haul then others would have earned less. Some of those extra points might have come at the expense of this season's top 4 - certainly if we'd have taken 6pts off Arsenal then we'd be all but there. So who knows for sure?

    One thing for sure is 73pts would beat our record set last season, and I'm quite sure would've been regarded as enough for TS to keep his job if he had delivered that.
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  7. rupsmith
    Brilliant analytic response which is consistent with pretty much every response I get when I make my points - i.e. "Rubbish" or "Doh!!"

    You guys are the height of football knowledge and intelligence.
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  8. Lufti
    It's not a case of having no answer. It's a case of not wanting to waste my time repeating what's been said on here in hundreds and hundreds of Sherwood debates plaguing this forum, which you seem to love. I've seen the points made to you, which would discredit your post, before now, but as you haven't taken notice of them then there's no point in me repeating them
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  9. chinaman

    On what basis did lufti comment on Dim's character?

    Go and read the 2 articles posted by Stoof on page 793 of the Sherwood Out thread at #15841 and you would find the answer. You're just trying to defend him and your own stance blindly.
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  10. Gaz_Gammon
    That comment whatever you think of any person, is just simply uncalled for. And you call yourself a supporter of this Club?

    You should delete your original post and think long and hard before posting such nonsense again.
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  11. 18Klinsmann
    Good point. But luckily we don't have to speculate as to whether or not TS could have beaten the Gooners home and away seeing as he did play them home and away - and lost both games.
  12. rupsmith
    Sir, I would be grateful if you could direct me to one post that has tried to counter my view either through tactical or historic analysis and not on emotion.
  13. Lufti
    Cheers for the reminder of this post @chinaman - read these and understand.

  14. chinaman

    It's useless Lufti. Them Dimitists are beyond reason.
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  15. avonspurs
    Wow, it is just amazing - you are fixated on this 'presentation'/'media skills' argument more than nearly anyone else on this forum. Even those people who have only highlighted it as ONE of the negatives, you seem to grab hold of.

    Yes, some have argued that as a reason he shouldn't be manager. However MOST have argued other reasons also - - why does this aspect alone fixate you?
  16. avonspurs
    Bollocks. Seriously, when people discuss ACTUAL reasons with you why they don't want TS as manager, you come back with "gonna have to disagree" and then discussion is ended.

    Oh, and FFS, stop putting "I suppose I will get 'doh's' and 'wtf's' after this" at the end of your posts - its getting so monotonous. If you're worried about ratings so much, just say so. if you're not, then take the 'doh's' and 'wtf's' on the chin. We've all had them.
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  17. Roynie
    Surely you don't expect a DM to cover the runs of the FBs that's the job of right and left mids surely. As regards playing players out of position, would you rather the player playing in the right position even if he is off form and another player, on form, can cover. Don't get me wrong I am not saying Timmy is perfect or even my third choice for the job. All I am saying is I would rather have him than a another average manager.
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  18. Gaz_Gammon
    Is Stoof the high grandee of all things Spurs, or are other members allowed on here with a different view to yours? I mean are you truly the leader of the thought police on here?
  19. avonspurs
    So you expect a left midfielder, in Eriksen, to cover Rose's run. Its not going to happen. Lennon, for all his faults, did get back and cover. But everyone knows its not going to happen with Eriksen and I'm sure Sherwood would never ask him to. If that's the case, the manager should have a plan in place to cover that (ie: a DM) but, no, we don't believe in DM's do we (Mr. Ferdinand)
    I still don't see any mistakes that TS has seen and that he's tackled.
  20. Spurs 1961
    Well guess he did OK. I remember speculating we would finish with 67/68 points at the halfway stage of the season so he did one point better. But then the amount of points under AVB was until the end pretty good. It is more than the points though. For me all it proves is that we have good enough players to finish in the top 6/7 despite not getting our act together for a while. Now get that rare thing, a really good manager, and we could think about the top four.

    Having said that we know that now it will be harder. This season was the season to break through with so many top teams going through major change. We just had to join them all by making as many changes as possible
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