Tim Sherwood: I would have got Champions League place


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May 19, 2006
Would he have secured us CL Football ? Cannot definitively say but based on the amount of points needed this season it is unlikely especially with our goal difference. I am happy to let him have dig next season. His desire to succeed is undoubted and he is passionate about SPURS. Not only will the new recruits be better for their 1st season so will he. There is no doubt more beautiful football would be well accepted but 6th is no shame.
i think youre missing the point, neatly supplied by BC, that the gap between us and 4th place more than doubled during his tenure. If desire and passion are the keys for the job then maybe we should hire the last winner of MasterChef? They bang on about it all the time and i cant stand it any more.


Jun 29, 2003
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Frank de Boar? Again, Meh - Great player achieving moderate success in a second rate league...Ajax are nowhere near the superpower they used to be.

It's funny how you don't see any of the other top clubs rushing to replace their managers with these guys.
You are correct in saying that Ajax are not the superpower they once were - however after taking them to four title wins on the trot, something they hadn't done for a while before he took over, I'd have to say FDB is going a long way to restoring them to superpower status.

As for other clubs wanting him he has been heavily link with Barcelona but declared he rather manage a club like Spurs where he can create something rather than have a ready made solution.

I like the idea of him at Spurs. Unfortunately it looks like Pocettinho (sp) will be the man judging by recent media reports and ITK.