Watt is sent off for....saying his own name!


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Aug 16, 2003
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Former Arsenal youngster Sanchez Watt sent off for dissent for saying his OWN NAME... after referee mistakes him saying 'Watt' for arguing 'What?'
  • Sanchez Watt was an Arsenal youth product but now plays non-League football
  • He was sent off for Hemel Hempstead in truly bizarre circumstances
  • Watt was asked his name by a ref, who wanted to book him, and replied 'Watt'
  • But the official thought Watt was arguing with him, saying 'What?'
By Chris Cutmore for MailOnline

Former Arsenal forward Sanchez Watt received the most bizarre red card of the season after a referee mistook the player saying his own name for dissent.

Watt, playing for Hemel Hempstead in their National League South clash with East Thurrock on Tuesday night, was asked his name by ref Dean Hulme so that he could book him for kicking the ball away.

But the official grew frustrated when the answer given was 'Watt', mistaking the reply as the player saying 'What?' and arguing against his decision. Hulme asked Watt three times for his name, receiving 'Watt' as the reply each time, before seeing red and giving Watt his marching orders.

Hemel Hempstead captain Jordan Parkes rushed over to explain to the referee that the player's name was actually Watt, and he had been clearly telling him so all along.

A presumably embarrassed Hulme then reversed his decision to punish Watt with a second yellow card for dissent, and the payer stayed on the pitch.

Hemel Hempstead's Twitter account summed up the confusion. Here's how they tweeted the incident: 'Red card: Sanchez Watt is sent off, presumably for dissent.

'And all of sudden the colour of the card changes to yellow. A rather bizarre incident all stemming from the decision to award Thurrock a goal kick despite a clear touch from a defender before the ball went out.

'Just to clarify, Hemel still have eleven men.'

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Jun 4, 2004
I experienced a similar problem in my playing days. Good to know I’m not alone.


Dougal Fuckoffref


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Jul 24, 2005
It's a good job that ref never officiated a match in which Paul Dickov was playing.

Grey Fox

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Jul 10, 2008
I was playing in goal at semi pro level and Dermot fucking Gallagher was reffing and he had just booked me for squaring up to the centre forward.
I pointed out he spelt my name wrong, he booked me for dissent and sent me off, the twat
The really funny thing was that both bookings got recinded because he got the names wrong.
As I said Twat