What should Spurs do with Lamela?

Discussion in 'Spurs Chat' started by FootballWhispers, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. FootballWhispers

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    Hi Guys,

    With Erik Lamela back in training we've taken a look at whether or not he has a future with the club.

    "It’s not to say Spurs had moved on from a player once touted as the ‘new Lionel Messi’, but they’d adapted to not having him at their disposal. Rumours in the summer hinted at a potential exit, with Internazionale reportedly keen on the former Roma man.

    However, the 25-year-old remained in London and, this week, it was confirmed he is now back in training with the first-team squad. There are suggestions he might be ready for a return in mid-November and he’d be a welcomed boost to the squad ahead of the busy Christmas schedule.

    But does the Argentine international have a long-term future with the club? Perhaps more importantly, should he have one?"

    Does Lamela have a Spurs future?


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  2. talkshowhost86

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    My personal preference would be that we use him as a member of our footballing squad.

    Admittedly we could go down the route of making him dress up as Hulk Hogan and become a hype man during Poch's news conferences.

    But for now I think we should use him as a footballer.
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  3. Nerine

    Nerine Well-Known Member

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    Surely the only answer here is:

    See how he does in training.

    If he impresses again, play him.

    Or am I over-simplifying this a bit?
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  4. Ionman34

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    With all due respect, it's a bit of a ridiculous question. He's 25, so a good few years off his "prime." He has undoubted quality, an exceptional work ethic and offers a skill set that he's already proven complements the team.
    This "we've moved on" from him rhetoric is quite tiresome as you never move on from quality.
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  5. IfiHadTheWings

    IfiHadTheWings Well-Known Member

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    That's tickled me big time, I wanna see this now, I reckon he would make a quality hype man in the press conferences.
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  6. bubble07

    bubble07 Well-Known Member

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    He needs to start. Will thrive in this team

    Dele needs to up his game. If he does then sanchez neess to up his game
  7. fatpiranha

    fatpiranha dismember

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    Put an explosive vest on him and send him to the Chelsea dressing room.

    Edit: Sorry. I thought this was the Sissoko thread. My bad :sorry:.

    Lamela? :meh: Yeah, we should probably play him.
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  8. Lemon

    Lemon End World Debt

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    What should we do with Lamela?

  9. Geyzer Soze

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    Put it this way. If all this past 4 years had gone down for him at another club, and he transferred into us on a free right now to build fitness with our team and have a shot .... we'd all be over the fucking moon and saying 'Watch what Poch can do with this lad' and blah blah blah etc

    So that's where we are. A new signing. Hope he can get and keep fit, if so, we've got one hell of a player with limitless potential.
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  10. SUIYHA

    SUIYHA Well-Known Member

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    The new South Stand at the new stadium is going to be called the Erik Lamela stand.
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  11. talkshowhost86

    talkshowhost86 Mod-Moose Staff

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    Surely the Erik Lamela Can't Stand would be more appropriate.

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  12. dontsalebale

    dontsalebale Active Member

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    He does spend a lot of time in the stands.
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  13. Everlasting Seconds

    Everlasting Seconds Well-Known Member

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    Again, contrary to all the jokes in these response, I think you've got an article that's actually posing a great and interesting question. Indeed, does Lamela have a Spurs future? My issue isn't with the question at all, although I certainly can understand the lighthearted jokes.

    My issue is that, repeatedly lately and also early on in the collaboration, Football Whispers (henceforth FW) have great ideas for articles, but the interesting thesis are explored to only a very superficial degree.

    In my view, the FW article formula goes like this (slight sarcasm alert):
    Is the topic interesting? Check.
    Can we get away with filling 45%-50% of the article with simply providing a historic narrative over facts most readers already know? Check.
    Can we then wrap up the article with spending the subsequent 50%-55% of the article maybe barely touching upon aspects that are actually relevant to respond to the interesting topic? Check.

    Does that constitute a worthy read, though? I guess that depends on target audience.

    IMHO, I believe it is time for FW to firmly decide on that target audience.
    Generally I believe, on can define two audiences. 1) Readers clicking due to general football interest but not specifically Spurs interest, and 2) Readers clicking due to specific Spurs interest, and not even necessarily general football interest. Of course there is also a third "audience", which isn't an audience in the traditional sense but a foundation for writing an article that's akin to writing for an audience. Google keywords and search engine ranking. If that's the main drive, then might I suggest that you out all the "this is written for search ranking" articles in the same thread, and create a new thread only for each article that's actually written to inform and enlighten the reader.

    Back to the traditional audiences. Are you posting articles for football fans in general (group 1)? Great, stick to your formula as listed about. However, are you posting articles to attract interest from people (group 2) who already hold more than average knowledge of the topic or club or player in question? If yes, then to me, when marketing articles on a website (Spurs Community) that's exclusively for fans of one singular PL team about topics related to said club, I would think that it would be wise to tweak the article so that it is in fact relevant, thought provoking and informative to specialised readers. Hence, I urge you to please stop with the constant recounting of historical facts and start actually drilling into the matter at hand.
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2017
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  14. StartingPrice

    StartingPrice Chief Sardonicus Hyperlip

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    Jaysus...that's so long-winded...I could have written it :(

    Anyway, in answer to the question: See if he integrates into the squad at something like the level he was when he got injured. Our front three options will be

    Dele Kane Eriksen
    Son Llorente Lamela

    That is, potentially the type of squad depth we have been crying out for. And that is before mentioning that Son can cover for Kane/Llorente, before mentioning N'Koudou or Edwards, and before mentioning proverbial bad-penny, angular decepticon and one time record signing Mousa Sissoko.

    If Lamela performs at anything like the level most of us believe he can reach, what's not to like. Keep him, activate every claise going and give him a new deal.

    If not, sell him on - Reckon Mr Levy could make a profit in the present market.

    Either way, jobsagoodun.

    p.s. My preference is keeping him as, at his best, he plays the game like Poch wants it played.
  15. Database

    Database Active Member

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    Never been fan of Lamela, but he should get a few chances to show if he still got it. There something with his mystery injuries. Maybe he just doesn't have mental aspects to be a PL player? It's been about year (70k*52) when he last played for us? In his first season he didn't even train with the team according Tim Sherwood so there's something wrong with him... :(

    But no team will buy him because these "injuries", so it's pretty clear Poch should give him a chance if we want recoup any money from his transfer or get something from him in the football field... Let's hope he can redeem himself.

    But last time I remember Pochettino was pretty upset with Lamela so I'm not sure if he's even going to get a chance to play...
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    JUSTINSIGNAL Well-Known Member

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    To answer your question: Put him in the team
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  17. jurgen

    jurgen Busy ****

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    Cage fight with Francis 'Box Room Boy' Gibbs - 2 men enter one man leaves. PPV on Spurs TV
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  18. Bulletspur

    Bulletspur The Reasonable Advocate

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    Based on your post you seem so misinformed and need to update your information with regards to his medical journey over the pass year.
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  19. piedpiper

    piedpiper Well-Known Member

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    Ive tried to resist and failed... Take the money and run...oh we havent been offered any:whistle:.

    On a more serious note it will be good having him as an option again... He frustrates the hell out of me but i can admit he would have been useful in a few games where we faced stubborn defences.

    Good having him as an option.
  20. Berbatonghen

    Berbatonghen Well-Known Member

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    Lamela when fit and on form will be one of the first players I would pick.

    The thought of him playing in the team we have now is frightening. Really hope he pulls through this injury or whatever has happened in the past year because we need a player like him in the squad. Either to start or to bring on when were crying out for some creativity and non stop commitment.

    So excited to see him back with the squad.
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