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    Player Watch : Vincent Janssen

    I really feel for the bloke. I think its already clear the manager doesn't rate him so let him leave in the Summer and we can all move on. It is a shame though because I think he has the attributes to be a good player in the Premiership. Whether that's for a team fighting for the top four I...
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    Rose thought captaincy was Mauricio Pochettino joke

    He is the best full back in the League at getting in great positions in the final third. Shame he has absolutely no quality in that area whatsoever. It perplexes me how he hasn't improved on this aspect of his game.
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    Reasons for our defensive Improvement

    All I want him to do his defend. That is all I have wanted from our full backs for a very long time. And we look much the better this season because of it in my opinion. I always look at things with perspective, and in my opinion he has been the best right back in the Premier League this...
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    Three games in six days showed fitness levels - Jan

    We did achieve three positive results in this period, but was I the only one who noticed a serious decline in performance in the last twenty minutes of each of those games? We almost threw the Villa game away whilst Anderlecht and Arsenal could/should easily have beaten us with the chances they...
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    Reasons for our defensive Improvement

    Irrespective of what is going on ahead of them, two individuals have stood out for me. I was on the fence when we signed Toby Alderweireld. I had seen him play for Atletico and he was a liability, but I had heard good things from those who had seen him at Southampton. Not only as he performed...
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    Tottenham will let Alex Pritchard leave

    Seems like a really odd decision so I imagine it probably has some truth in it.
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    West Ham reject £15M Kouyate offer from Tottenham

    If true... Thank god they rejected it!
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    SC's Tactical Autopsy thread

    Everton, Stoke (for the majority of the game), Leicester and Manchester United were all incredibly poor against us. Yet we have failed to beat the lot of them. I think we are good enough to secure a top four finish based on how comparatively average our competition is for that last spot. But...
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    Ismail Azzaoui to Wolfsburg

    A young player with fantastic ability and potential. Our loss is definitely Wolfsburgs gain. This is the exact kind of player that we simply don't know how to develop so for him I am kind of glad he has gone.
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    Pochettino blocks last-minute Lamela move to Marseille

    Why wasn't he involved on Sunday? Ryan Mason wide right was embarrassing. Especially when he was our greatest threat from the centre.
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    Eric Dier in midfield: Why Tottenham can reap the long-term benefits

    How have we arrived - and now four games in to a new season - with a centre back playing in midfield? We have suffered with a lack of midfield creativity so Poch decides Eric Dier is the answer? Or was he put there to combat the amount of chances we have conceded? Or ideally, was it both? Not...
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    ‘The rumours are true’ Tottenham’s £25m man wants White Hart Lane exit

    What absolute bollocks. How can we blame AVB for what Poch is serving up at the moment? That excuse has long gone now. Poch has been here more than long enough to assemble the squad and implement the tactics he wants. I think Baldini has to shoulder a lot of the blame now because irrespective...
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    SC's Tactical Autopsy thread

    I don't care what Adam Bate or Opta Joe propose. We are the most boring team in the Premier League and I have no faith in us scoring in any game that we play. We are predictable, easy to contain and look more like making a defensive mistake than producing a moment of attacking brilliance. I...
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    The Tennis Thread

    Great performance from Andy. A lot more errors from him than usual, but that was because he really went for it. Tactically spot on last night. He did so well in that final game, a situation he has faltered so often - especially against Novak - in the past. Top, top sportsman who unfortunately...
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    A thankyou and an apology from Soldado

    I would like to make an apology to you Roberto on behalf of Tottenham Hotspur. I am sorry we absolutely destroyed your career.