███████ Match Ratings vs Swansea City ███████


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Jul 4, 2006
Adebayor was turd. Very wasteful. We should have capitalised on the strong start to the second half.


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Mar 10, 2005
Kaboul MOTM for me - 8

Friedel - 5 - Bloody scaredy cat, was clearly afraid of getting a knock and made a decisive mistake for the first time in his Spurs career.

6s and 7s for the rest.


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Jul 14, 2004
Kaboul MOTM for me - 8

Friedel - 5 - Bloody scaredy cat, was clearly afraid of getting a knock and made a decisive mistake for the first time in his Spurs career.

6s and 7s for the rest.
Yea this sounds about right.


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Mar 29, 2005
Kaboul was great,
Sandro and Assou-Ekotto were ok,
rest were mostly average or under par,
Bale weak and selfish,
Adebayor sucked donkey balls
Jan 13, 2010
Ade could do with some competition to give him some drive, also probably needs a break.

I just find the result much more painful when i hear Swansea rested 6 players and still out played us, when we played crap with knackered players and ended up with a point, and a crocked Parker.


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Jul 30, 2006
Friedel 6
Walker 7
Gallas 7
Kaboul 8
Sandro 7.5
Parker 6
Modric 6
Bale 5
Adebayor 6

Defoe 5
Livermore 5
Oct 19, 2004
Adebayor looked a bit jaded and knackered I thought. He does a lot of donkey work in games. I wish we had someone who could relieve him occasionally.

Losing Parker and VDV at the same time was a blow as it meant we lost two of our best ball receivers/passers in one hit. Until then we were just about keeping a foot in the game, after that we just gave up any pretension of retaining the ball.


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Aug 25, 2005
was at the game and

Freidel - 4 - super glued to his line at times and also shocking for their goal
Ekotto 5 - looked good close up but fuck did the swans fans hate him dont know why
Kaboul 8 - Great monster everybody was raving about him
Gallas - 6 - Got some good blocks but also is a bit rash sometimes
Walker 4 - Thats twice i have now seen him get ripped apart by scott sinclair still have my doubts about him vs pacey wingers
Van Der Vaart 6 - Quiet but scored should have not taken his shot early when ade put him through
Sandro 8 - Monster swans mate text me after the game asking who the fuck the number 30 was as hes a machine!
Parker 6 - Spoke to him about 10 mins ago said he was carrying a knock all game
Bale 6 - Tried to hard to impress on home turf
Modric 5 - Was not himself at all
Adebayor 4 - Got to say iv had a chance to meet him twice in two days and both times he has been a wanker and refused to sign something for a little boy that idolises him! my little nefue even had adebayor on the back of his top and ade first time round said noo im going for food and today at the liberty he just walked passed ignoring us even though we called him and asked.

Pienaar was exactly the same! moody and could not be bothered!.

But big hats off to harry,scott,dawson,defoe,ekotto,walker,Kaboul (especially),Kevin Bond! and Andros towsend and stephen caulker!

who all made a little lads dream come true on both days! Younes was brilliaant and ekotto and sandro! all made such an effort for my 8yo nephew.

Steven Caulker also was with all the spurs players last night in the hotel and made a great effort.

But adebayor really has annoyed me!

also spurs staff dont let nobody talk to luka for some wierd reason yesterday in the hotel they rushed him straight through not for any of the fans to talk to him?


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Feb 13, 2004
Friedel - 5.5 Would have been par 6, but for their goal.
Walker - 7
BAE - 7
Gallas - 7.5
Kaboul 8
Sandro 7.5
Parker 6 Looked knackered from early on. Think we could ahve got away with Sandro as enforcer of midfield two today and given Scotty a rest.
Modric - 6 Also looked a bit tired.
VDV - 7 Scored goal and kept ball moving.
Bale - 5.5 Looked like he was feeding off his own hype from the Norwich game, a touch.
Adebayor - 6 As someone said, above, needs some cover/competition.

Defoe 5
Livermore 5

Redknapp - 5.5 Still doesn't use squad enough, and poor substitutions.

Phil Dowd 5 - no major decisions wrong, but still an absolute twat.

But for a slightly freakish late equaliser, we would be talking about a very good away win, so no need to get carried away with criticism. Certain players clearly need a rest and Redknapp doesn't use squad enough. Still, decent away result - especially with United and Chelsea losing at home.


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Jul 26, 2004
Thought too many passengers today, Gallas looked scary in possession and nearly cost us a couple of times dallying on the ball.

Bale was ineffective in his "new role" VDV was marginalised due to having to be a RW (much more disciplined than Bale though...)

Sandro was looking like he is feeling the effects of doing a season's worth of running in three games.

Same for Parker.

Friedel was poor on their goal.

Walker ran fast.

Thought Bennie and Modric, Ade did ok

Kaboul was MOM for me.