FIVE Bold Predictions for the 17/18 season.

Discussion in 'Spurs Chat' started by garryparkerschest, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Streetspur77

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    1. GKN will make a big impact
    2. Winks and walker-peters England call-ups
    3. We will win FA cup
    4. Lamela will never play for Spurs again
    5. This will be dembele as last season as starting cm
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  2. Tottenham_God

    Tottenham_God Well-Known Member

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    Bomber will wank over Winks?
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  3. yankspurs

    yankspurs "We're not a selling club"

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    1. GKN and Edwards both make huge impacts in the team and both get at least 1 start in Champions League.
    2. Trippier and Winks become first choice at their positions for England.
    3. We have multiple 20 goal scorers in league play.
    4. Eriksen gets PL player of the year
    5. Lamela plays a large role in the team again and scores a rabona on De Gea.

    BONUS: We finally win a trophy.

    League predictions
    1. Klopp and Conte do not last the season.
    2. Mourinho gets at least 4 touch line bans
    3. Mourinho claims league and referee conspiracy against United.
    4. Wenger signs new 3 year deal. AFTV goes so mental, it gets banned from YouTube.
    5. West Ham will be docked points this season and it will cause them to be relegated

    BONUS: Abromovich's assets, including Chelsea, get seized in Robert Mueller's investigation into Russia hacking and Trump collusion. Chelsea get kicked out of the league due to the scandal.
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  4. DukeUSA

    DukeUSA Member

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    1. Dele or someone Dele winds up will see five red cards this season.
    2. GKN will score or assist on 7 to 10 goals.
    3. Dele or Son will lead the team in scoring in all comps. Harry will not play in a Domestic cup until a QF at least.
    4. Eriksen will attract interest from Barca and a crazy bid will be made after Paulinho breaks Messi's leg in training.
    5. We will spend at least two weeks at the top of the table.
    non spurs
    1. This will be a great Champions League year for England and all five will make the knock out with three quarter finalists.
    2. Wenger, Klopp or Conte will be gone by November and one of the remaining two will be sacked after the holiday period.
    3. Mourinho will be committed to a mental asylum at some point during the holiday period because of the tight schedule(especially if United make the League Cup quarters)
    4. West Ham will be relegated because they are just bad.
    5. City will nip us to the title but we will beat them twice because their defense is still shit.
  5. TottenhamLegend

    TottenhamLegend Well-Known Member

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    2 down 1 to go :)

    Might have been a bit kind to them on that one!
  6. talkshowhost86

    talkshowhost86 Mod-Moose Staff

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    Well number 1 looks quite possible already, as does number 5.

    Number 3 is pretty much nailed on.

    Number 4 looking slightly more iffy....
  7. hughy

    hughy I'm SUPER cereal.

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    1. We will win our first league game of the season.
    2. We will lose our second league game of the season.
    3. We will draw our third league game of the season.
    4. We will win our fourth league game of the season.
    5. We will draw our fifth league game of the season.

    Obviously I forgot to post this in August and it's sat in my drafts for a month or so but it's all legit.
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  8. bomberH

    bomberH Poofuck

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    Today was the beginning of all my points to come to fruition. Go on the Winksy.
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  9. Yid-ol

    Yid-ol Just-in-Edinburgh

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    well he has to be worth between 69 million and 91 million.....
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  10. THFCjosh

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    All I'm saying is.... 1 (the first part anyway, still time for the second bit) and 3 were solid predictions. Thus far anyway. Who wants this weeks lottery numbers??
  11. waresy

    waresy Well-Known Member

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    Does Georgiou then count even though you didnt name him?
  12. onlyonekeano

    onlyonekeano Active Member

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    I'm guessing nobody had "We will play with a midfield three of Sissoko, Winks and Rose at the Bernabeu" in their predictions?
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  13. Saoirse

    Saoirse Active Member

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    And get a draw!
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  14. TottenhamLegend

    TottenhamLegend Well-Known Member

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    Well this one hasn't happened yet, but it certainly felt like it had walking out of the Bernabeu last night! As not winning games goes, it was up there.
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  15. simsy886

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    Can we kindly ask you not to attend anymore European away games? :cautious:;)
  16. TottenhamLegend

    TottenhamLegend Well-Known Member

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    I'm not going to Dortmund this time, you'll be pleased to know.
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  17. Cheltenham Spur

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    *cough* Number 3 *cough*
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