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    Deep breath, oooooh-aaah.

    I have to admit, sitting here now trying to keep a level head is very hard, very challenging.

    I've just seen my beloved team turn in a terrible performance. So bad in fact I was almost cheering on O'Shea's heroics in goal. I am gutted, disillusioned, heartbroken, lost and most of all in need of answers and guidance.

    Sure this is Spurs worst performance in a very long time, am I right in saying since Newcastle whopped us by many goals a few moons ago? The difference and the problem is, this is not that same crap Spurs side since then or ever in the last 10 years! this is the strongest team since Gerry made a half decent go of things. We (Spurs) should not be this bad! We are not like some (I am not going to make the same mistake as Benitez) of the evidently 'smaller' teams in the Premiership, we are truly giants who have lost our way.

    When I was sat in that bar in Egypt on the 5th of November I thought Levy's Spurs had come of age, my head was swimming and images of the glory glory days that had so often been recollected in front of me had started to appear. Then came the Reading game. Since then (apart from European games) Spurs are not the team I saw only just lose out on a Champions League place by malicious poisoning/sheer bad luck (delete as applicable).

    What to do? what to say? How to feel? I need guidance. Please St Nicholson! Help me!

    I've never been one for knee jerk reactions and I've always been a supporter not a critic. I was an Ericsson supporter for England and I felt dumping George Graham, Spurs most successful manager in 16 years (FACT), was very harsh and out of order. But I have looked at some of the 'Jol Out' posts that have popped up over the last 8 months and laughed them aside as some joke.

    But as the old saying goes, every joke has a kernel of truth.

    Something is very evidently wrong at the moment! I will try to be as straight forward as possible at the moment to avoid having my points of view dissected and disapproved of.

    I see four reasons why my Lillywhites are not cutting it.

    1. Jol, tactical naivety. This issue has popped up a lot recently.Spurs always seem to take the foot off the peddle when they don't need to! Spurs is a good team. A VERY GOOD TEAM! we should not be losing a 2-0 lead to a bunch of kids that to be honest have been losing to our kids for the last 2 years!!!! I get so incensed when I see Spurs sit back deep and defend when we should be pressing the advantage.

    2. Ledley, Ledley IS our defence, since Ledley has been out our defence has suffered immensely. we have had 10 goals scored against us in the last 4 matches. Shocking when you take into account we never lost by more then 2 goals last season. Without his leadership, our back line has been all over the shop and field! We need solid stability.

    3. Left sided player. No comment.

    4. A special player. Or lack of. Apart from Jenas's contribution we don't have a player that can step up to the mark and make the difference when it counts, think Gascoigne, Ginola and such. We need that player who can polarise the team and help focus our goals on the pitch, the sort of person that is there for every spot kick and dead ball. Tottenham's legendary style dictates that need.

    I am sad, and very angry. We should not be here at this point commenting on negative things but there are definitely issues and they need to be sorted before this entire season disappears without trace.

    Please Spurs, sort it out.:-(

    Glory Glory Tottenham Hotspur.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Spurfection, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. bigspurs
    I didn't think that the team as a whole played that badly, considering the humiliating scoreline. Lee surprised me!

    I am in complete agreement with you on every other point though!

    Our painful inability this season to create anything from set pieces is really depressing.
  2. dontcallme
    This is the sort of post i really hate.

    Berbatov missed 3 clear cut chances and Keane missed two one on ones. To be honest Man U didn't miss that many. The result was horrific the performance was far from it. We were playing the best team in the country at the moment who are desperately chasing their first title in four years, they were completely ruthless and a class act.

    1. Jols tactical naivety is the same that won us our first league game against Chelsea and yesterday tactics had nothing to do with our defeat.

    2. Ledley is hugely important, remember Man U falling apart when Rio was suspended and Chelsea have really struggled defensively without Terry. When you have a defensive master naturally you miss him when he is out

    3. Left sided player, we tried to sign Downing but failed, Ziegler, Routledge and Davids haven't cut it this season. Malbranque was our best realistic option and while he's regaining fitness you could try supporting him.

    4. While as a fan we love our special players, Jol is trying to build a team where everyone does their bit and give it time and we'll start to play as a team.

    Remember we bought Zokora, Berbatov, Malbranque, Chimbonda and Ekotto this season and it's Huddlestones and Ghalys first season as a first team member of course the team will struggle to gel.

    Sorry to be harsh with your post but not the kind of over the top nonsense I want to read on a MOnday morning
  3. RBlanch
    For f*cks sake - what ever way you dress it up, we got spanked 4 - 0 at home. It was not a close game...it wasn't even a contest. We are shit.

    And I can't believe any one can defend Jol's tactics...Lennon moved to the left for the second half for what must be the tenth time this season. So far it has worked once, against Southend. Everyone else can see it doesn't work, and yet that is his only tactical move...playing against us must be a walk in the park for oppostion managers. Everthing is so predictable.
  4. Wiener
    As you say, it is difficult to keep a level head given our run of results since the end of last year. Trying to do the same myself I find it difficult to agree with much of your analysis.

    To address your points:

    1. Sure Jol has made some mistakes. But overall he has still delivered the goods. We are a young inexperienced team and I think we need to wait to the end of the season, before we start to draw conclusions about Jol's "tactical naivety". I still believe we can finish top 6 but it will be hard. I think European football, and a respectable finish in the league are a minimum requirement.

    2. I agree Ledley is key to our team, and his injuries have cost us dear. Additionally we have had injuries to key players throughout the season, and we simply don't have the depth in quality or experience to deal with these setbacks.

    3. I don't see this as the most important issue. Yes it would be nice to have an out-and-out left-sided winger, but this is not the cause of our problems nor the solution to it.

    4. I am not sure what you mean here.

    Do you mean a "leader" type player, with mental strength. If this is what you mean, I agree that we lack someone like this. I would argue Carrick fulfilled this role for us last season, by always being composed, positionally aware and ready to take responsibility. We have been unable to find someone to do the same. Zokora, the so-called "maestro" has been disappointing.

    If you mean flair players, whose individual brilliance can change a game, I would argue that is not what we are lacking. We do have special players. I rate Lennon and Berbatov very highly. They can make things happen. Additionally I would say Defoe, Malbranque, Huddlestone are special players of the type you mention. The type of players our tradition demands.

    I would agree that we are in a rut right now, but I believe Jol has shown enough ability in the past to take us forward from here.

    I believe our problems are as a result of:

    - us having a young and inexperienced team, lacking leadership and grit in midfield (but not quality),

    - the loss of key players, ie King, and to a lesser degree Jenas to injury.

    Criticising Jol is pre-mature. I believe most of the pieces are in place. We need a couple of good results to get confidence up and turn this around.
  5. chico
    Fella, whilst getting stuffed 4-0 anytime is a stinker , whoever the oppo., we've been very unlucky with injuries throughout the season . It's a young and inexperienced side ,losing Ledley our Captain and arguably our best player , has been a major blow. At various times we've been without JJ , Lennon ,Berbatov , Keano , and Carrick departed . It's hard for Hudd, Zokora , Chimbo , Benoit etc to settle in to an ever-changing line-up and team lacking confidence . Stability is what is needed . I think Dawson's form has improved and he has been awesome in the last few games, which is a plus. This season we need to play through the disappointment of the league 9 (vs expectation) , try to do well in the FA and UEFA CUP'S, and build for next season. Dont panic and KEEP THE FAITH
  6. 18Klinsmann
    The scoreline yesterday is one that will torment us for quite a while, but I really don't think the performance was that awful. For the first half we matched them well, although their class was beginning to drive us back. The penalty decision, and the relentless spell of pressure in the first 10 minutes of the second half, buried us completely. At 0-3 you rarely look good, but again we just missed out on a consolation goal and were left with what looked a more emphatic defeat than it really was. The scoreline flattered the reds and only Huddlestone and Defoe failed to show up in my opinion.

    The current United team is very, very good. Naturally we should not be losing by four goals to any team in the world, but it can happen when you play a team of real winners that both influence the ref and really make the advantage count when they have mometum. Just think about how many times this season we have dominated teams for long spells without killing them off. Well, United kill you off when they get the chance.

    Perspective: Since the Newcastle defeat it has ben obvious that our chances to finish 7th or higher were very slim indeed. The defeat yesterday was not unexpected, but finally made 7th look unlikely. We should now focus really hard on beating Fulham and progressing in the cup that remains the most obvious return ticket to Europe. The next three games will finally make or break our season, unless we pull off what currently looks like an unlikely UEFA Cup triumph. As an experienced supporter of the club I am beginning to brace myself for a possible dead end season with the potential sources of success gradually fading. However, in the unlikely event that we win the next two league games and make it past Fulham, the dreadful result of last night will be a distant memory.
  7. walworthyid
    I think you do have some valid points but as the previous poster said there are also some elements that are wide of the mark. We have only been diabolical twice this season and that was away at the scum and at home to everton. The rest of the time we have been either avarage away from home, great in patches at home or very very good.

    The game yesterday hinged on the penalty, before that we gave as good as we got and should have been in front. Had we got the goal our play deserved it is a different game. It is difficult to fully understand the effects of losing that goal before half time, particularly after the dissappointment of wednesday night.

    All of that aside man u were excellent in the second half and we simply had no answer and got caught chasing the game.

    I don't think that any of that was bmj's fault. What did he have on the bench?

    We lack a player that can link play in the middle it is as simple as that. When we get the ball we do not use it well because we are forced wide because nobody wants it in the middle. Players are not encouraged to make runs, to move or to gamble. Thus we lack fluidity.

    At the moment I am in a place that I do not like, I can bet you that many of the players and bmj in particular are in a place that is far worse. We can all go about our daily lives and hope that the next game will be better, they actually have to make that happen.

    If we were to sack bmj now we would take 10 steps back, I believe that we are far better than we have been for years, results at the moment are not showing this, but they will.
  8. Hartfelt
    dontcallme, I agree with you about our performance against United...but.

    When we lose against the top four I don't mind too much. When we lose or draw with poor sides, however, I mind a great deal. The failure of our young team to put sides away has cost us a lot of points. As much as Ledley is our rock, we shouldn't simply usher in oppositions without him. Daws has been tremendous, but he has far too little support from the midfield (yes, it is a Carrick-shaped hole I'm talking about). Robbo is still trying to find some form. There is no captain on the field. There is no belief despite all the talent we have.

    Now it's not as if our gaps haven't been recognised, as you point out. We've pursued a left-sided player for over a season now. Still no result. Rocha was bought to bring in another quality CB. But let's just say we had a decent LW and that Rocha does step up to the mark. On paper that makes our team balanced. But here's where my concern kicks in.

    Jol is not tactically innocent. What he is, is tactically cautious. Our defensive 'money in the bank' mentality, once we score, is strangling our results. Sit back city is where we are and it's not working because we simply don't possess the defensive strength to hold onto a lead. I suspect we've blown our chances of Euro-qualification via the league, and it has nothing to do with losses against better teams, one of which was yesterday's spanking.

    I'd like to see Jol risk losing a lead by pressing up more. Those who say we lack creativity are wrong. Berbs, Lennon, Malbranque, Jenas, Keano and Hudd all have creative aspects to their game. In fact our creative ability is stronger than our defensive credetials. We should tear Sheffield apart. But we won't.

    Yesterday, I sat in the stands listening to Utd singing to us, 'This is how it feels to be City.' Will the real Tottenham please stand up?
    We are shit and Jol is fucking useless. We are going backwards and he hasn't got a clue how to stop the rot. Surely even the "Jol can do no wrong" brigade can see that. Its all gone very horribly Pete Tong. Look at Uniteds passing and moving. They taught us a footballing lesson. We are so dull, negative and static, and we hoof it far too much. Its not the Spurs way and fucking pisses me off.
  10. amie278
    this is our best squad of players since i started supporting spurs yet we are below shit teams in the league like reading, newcastle, portsmouth and everton. if jol is not to blame i dont know who is. jol out.
  11. somersetyiddo
    we r shit time 4 jol to admit he's done all he can n fuck off b4 r total season is fcuked
  12. khop145
    Posted this earlier in another thread...

    Hate it but must admit having a bad feeling... We might finish around 10th and loss in both cups run in later stage: QF, SF... Then no Europe football next season. We might hold on those good players (Berb, Chim etc.) for another season but likely not able to attract other good players to join. How do we get better of next season with only current group of players hang on? I don't know as I'm not a football manager nor know well in football management, but obviously something need to be done soon to rectify this bad situation where the morale is very low among the players and fans get frustrated... Anyone has better advice?
  13. khop145
    Ramon Vega under me?! Shit...
  14. mancman
    I agree with most of the comments but i would like to stress how football results (even 0-4) depend a great deal on luck. When Newcastle beat us 2-3 Newcastle were BLOODY lucky in fact some of the football we played that day was fantastic. The United game (whilst there is no denying United are a class act) could easily have gone our way. Conceding just before and after half time is always fatal but the times the ball was just inches off when we attacked suggested to me that on a 'lucky' day we could have scored SIX. If you don't believe me get a video of the game and just watch where the ball lands in the UNITED penalty area. On so many occasions UNITED were just plain lucky. I personally think that United have the best defence in the Premiership and it says a lot about SPURS wrt the possible number of goals we could have scored. Don't underplay the extent luck plays in a game. I guarantee some future matches will see us get our fair share of luck. Beating MAN U in the FA CUP final 1-0 scored by a deflection in the 90th min after United had hit the bar 7 times. Also Seville will rue their misfortune going down 3-4 to a 'lucky' Spurs in the EUFA cup final.

  15. Moorechild
    Essentially, we are missing Carrick. Yes Huddlestone might one day be better than him but he blatantly isn't now. What Carrick gave us was an outlet. To use a rugby analogy, he was our fly-half. Every time we got the ball it got fed to him and he made the decision about whether to play long, short, through the middle, down the wings or go on a run. Huddlestone doesn't yet have the confidence/nous/training to do this and the other's in the team either aren't looking for him to do this or he isn't making himself available. Zokora is a headless chicken at times, and much as I rate Malbranque and Keane as individual talents, they aren't playing in a system that can hold it's shape when they go for a wander and so we are exposed by the holes they leave.

    Jol should stay but I really think we need an arsehole in the back room staff or on the team to give them a bollocking when we go a goal down. Bring back Graham Roberts as Mr Motivator!
  16. N10toN17
    The problem I see with the side is a lack of balance and players playing out of position. Steed is never going to be truly effective on the left hand side, he's an attacking central midfielder who can get into the box score and create, or he should play in the hole in a 451 formation - this is what he did at Fulham and was arguably their best player. Too many players have played out of position for us this season - Ghaly and jj and Teemu on the right etc etc. While watching Manusa toy with us yesterday it was noticeable how well balanced they were Giggs and Evra down the left, Neville and Ronaldo down the right, Carrick sits and Scholes has licence to go forward support the strikers and get on the end of chances (which he did). We had Tom and Zokora basically doing a similar job, neither is going to hurt the oppo in the box. Comolli and Jol have to address having only one wide man on our books as this is hurting us badly. 2 lefties and a back up for Lennon must be the priority in the summer and getting the right combo in the centre of midfield and we will go places. For this season I'm still hoping we can do something in the Uefa. Coys
  17. Happy_Yid
    The scoreline yesterday is one that will torment us for quite a while, but I really don't think the performance was that awful. For the first half we matched them well, although their class was beginning to drive us back. The penalty decision, and the relentless spell of pressure in the first 10 minutes of the second half, buried us completely. At 0-3 you rarely look good, but again we just missed out on a consolation goal and were left with what looked a more emphatic defeat than it really was. The scoreline flattered the reds and only Huddlestone and Defoe failed to show up in my opinion.

    I agree with the above statement and would like to add another. Does Wenger play Henry at right back? No. Does Fergie play Rooney in Goal? No. (a bit extreme I know) So why do we continue to play our best attacking midfielder Lennon on the left where his obvious skill and talent are only half as good. His best and by far most profitable place is on the right as we know. If Ghaly or anybody else cannot play on the left so be it,buy someone who can, but please leave our pocket sized dynamo in his best position.
  18. Insomnia
    sir,you are a prick
  19. Freddiehotspur

    Now that's a word i haven't heard in a while. What we will hear before our next game is,

    Keane: We haven't won there for a while, but we're full of confidence

    Robinson: We didn't play too badly. It was just a bit of bad luck

    Jol: Sometimes these things happen, and it might or might not happen again

    Dawson: The boys are really feeling low at the moment.

    Seriously, i can't see any of the players in our squad picking us up before our next game. What the hell is happening to our defence? Where is the pressure, tactical awareness, crossed runs, overlaps, dribbles, We are likely to let in 2-3 goals every single game, independent of opposition.

    They are weak characters, the lot of them.

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