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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Spurfection, Feb 5, 2007.

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    Deep breath, oooooh-aaah.

    I have to admit, sitting here now trying to keep a level head is very hard, very challenging.

    I've just seen my beloved team turn in a terrible performance. So bad in fact I was almost cheering on O'Shea's heroics in goal. I am gutted, disillusioned, heartbroken, lost and most of all in need of answers and guidance.

    Sure this is Spurs worst performance in a very long time, am I right in saying since Newcastle whopped us by many goals a few moons ago? The difference and the problem is, this is not that same crap Spurs side since then or ever in the last 10 years! this is the strongest team since Gerry made a half decent go of things. We (Spurs) should not be this bad! We are not like some (I am not going to make the same mistake as Benitez) of the evidently 'smaller' teams in the Premiership, we are truly giants who have lost our way.

    When I was sat in that bar in Egypt on the 5th of November I thought Levy's Spurs had come of age, my head was swimming and images of the glory glory days that had so often been recollected in front of me had started to appear. Then came the Reading game. Since then (apart from European games) Spurs are not the team I saw only just lose out on a Champions League place by malicious poisoning/sheer bad luck (delete as applicable).

    What to do? what to say? How to feel? I need guidance. Please St Nicholson! Help me!

    I've never been one for knee jerk reactions and I've always been a supporter not a critic. I was an Ericsson supporter for England and I felt dumping George Graham, Spurs most successful manager in 16 years (FACT), was very harsh and out of order. But I have looked at some of the 'Jol Out' posts that have popped up over the last 8 months and laughed them aside as some joke.

    But as the old saying goes, every joke has a kernel of truth.

    Something is very evidently wrong at the moment! I will try to be as straight forward as possible at the moment to avoid having my points of view dissected and disapproved of.

    I see four reasons why my Lillywhites are not cutting it.

    1. Jol, tactical naivety. This issue has popped up a lot recently.Spurs always seem to take the foot off the peddle when they don't need to! Spurs is a good team. A VERY GOOD TEAM! we should not be losing a 2-0 lead to a bunch of kids that to be honest have been losing to our kids for the last 2 years!!!! I get so incensed when I see Spurs sit back deep and defend when we should be pressing the advantage.

    2. Ledley, Ledley IS our defence, since Ledley has been out our defence has suffered immensely. we have had 10 goals scored against us in the last 4 matches. Shocking when you take into account we never lost by more then 2 goals last season. Without his leadership, our back line has been all over the shop and field! We need solid stability.

    3. Left sided player. No comment.

    4. A special player. Or lack of. Apart from Jenas's contribution we don't have a player that can step up to the mark and make the difference when it counts, think Gascoigne, Ginola and such. We need that player who can polarise the team and help focus our goals on the pitch, the sort of person that is there for every spot kick and dead ball. Tottenham's legendary style dictates that need.

    I am sad, and very angry. We should not be here at this point commenting on negative things but there are definitely issues and they need to be sorted before this entire season disappears without trace.

    Please Spurs, sort it out.:-(

    Glory Glory Tottenham Hotspur.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Spurfection, Feb 5, 2007.

    Oh look, another one who thinks he's really clever! I thought that the idead of this sight was debate. You cant say the truth or even how you feel on this sight without getting slated. Its bollocks. This isn't an official Spurs propaganda sight, its a website for fans to discuss their views or vent their anger. Yeah i'm angry with how things or going, but there's no way i'm obnoxious. I'm a damn good supporter whos been there through thick and thin. I wont accept mediocrity as some of you seem happy with. I can take the insults on the chin but some of you numptys dont like it up ya! The truth hurts..........
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