Lamela’s Spurs future in doubt after injury row

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Mar 24, 2017.

  • by mawspurs, Mar 24, 2017 at 2:07 PM
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    Érik Lamela’s future at Tottenham Hotspur is in doubt amid tension between the player and the club over the best way to treat his troublesome hip injury.

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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Mar 24, 2017.

  1. diamondlight
    I stand corrected (unlike Lamela).
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  2. VanZan
    Where the hell is he? Should be playing his bollocks off trying to get a new deal. Yet he has disappeared...for about half a season! Sorry he's not important enough a player for us (rather good last season) to get away with all the prolonged absences. Especially since we're second in the table without him...he must be bloody nuts to not realise how weak his bargaining position is now.
  3. TottenhamMattSpur
    And the season before that, Mason and Bentaleb were.
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  4. HobbitSpur
    We could have been 1st....... :whistle:
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  5. ginola007
    I think Levy will find a way. He got rid of Wilson Palacios by bundling him together with Crouch, and Stoke paid a massive £20M for both of them. Similarly, Sandro was sold to QPR, this time for a cut rate £6M. Some clubs might just take a gamble on Lamala for £8M or less.
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  6. N17Jack
    No chance Levy will take 8m for Lamela, if he goes and that's far from certain, China might suit all parties.
  7. slartibartfast
    He'll be going either back to Italy or home to Argentina I'd have thought if its a mental health issue. If. I dont think he's ever settled here. Having such a hard time of it probably didn't help and I suspect the huge transfer fee affected him as well. Some people just can't cope with stuff like that. All guess work of course.
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  8. slartibartfast
    Not necessarily. If no one wants him, he's no sign of playing again and his contract is about to expire 8m plus getting him off wage bill is better than paying him to sit on his arse and then leave for free.
    Sometimes you just have to cut your losses.
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  9. N17Jack
    You might think like that, Daniel Levy wont.
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  10. Shadydan
    Never in a million years would Levy let a player run his contract down, if there's an interested party he'll try and maximise the most out of them and sell him but he wouldn't let him go for free.
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    I find his disappearance startling. Let's establish that he is alive first before we discuss selling him.
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  12. slartibartfast
    Fk that made me laugh. Maybe sell him to medical science if he's no longer with us lol

    Mate even if he is no longer with us, I doubt we even know where his body is to donate him

    I've never seen how one player can disappear just like that. Except Ozil when the going gets tough...
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  14. TottenhamMattSpur
    It's not up to levy who a player signs for.
    He can turn teams down but it's up to a player who they sign for.
  15. lol
    i like lamela. i wonder wtf is wrong with him. if he has a long term injury issue, i hope he recovers. if its not an injury issue, rather something personal, i hope he get over it soon. but if its just a bust up, then just sell him, because we are 2nd without him. if we sell him and sissoko we could just get 1 really good player instead
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  16. dagraham
    This is hardly earth shattering news. Reading between the lines it's been obvious that the club and Lamela are not on the same page as far as this injury is concerned.
  17. ginola007
    He did with David Bentley.
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  18. ginola007
    China won't do it anymore now that the government has restricted the amount of money leaving the country.
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  19. Shadydan
    Actually we released him from his contract, he didn't leave on a free. If you want to use that as an example, compare that to the amount of players we've sold who's contracts are running down - there's countless examples.
  20. zinzanzee
    After seeing him in preseason in Australia thought he was going to really kick on this season. As such IMO it must be psychological. Even if he comes back this season he is not match hardened, and his style of play will this be affected. Wish him all the best.


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