Mauricio Pochettino accuses Tottenham players of showing lack of passion

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Sep 21, 2014.

  • by mawspurs, Sep 21, 2014 at 10:40 PM
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    "West Brom arrived here with only two points and last in the table but we need to show respect. We were wrong, lack of movement. You need to be aggressive"

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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Sep 21, 2014.

  1. garryparkerschest

    Ever since I remember we have had one or two games a season where we've been disappointied due to either a poor performance or a goal keeper having a blinder.

    All I'm saying that people on this site just over analyses a solitary game.

    Were we poor? Yes

    Was that the best team we could have out according to myself? No.

    Was the style of our performance up to the standard we're accustomed to? (Depends how old you are ;)) No.

    I just get fed up with the amount of negativity on the site, it makes me laugh that when people get their knickers in a twist.

    Bar Chelsea, every other team aspiring for top 4 have struggled, it's the league that we're in, it's mighty competitive, it's what makes the league great.

    Right now I'm not looking into our performances in too much detail. I say wait until December (8 weeks) and if things don't improve then start worrying.

    To be honest I still think we'll reach the top six, which is rightly where we should be, anything beyond that will be a bonus.

    I'd rather have us go full throttle in the Europa League as I think that is the only realistic way we'll get champions league football next season.

    But whatever happens, I do believe we will improve under Pochettino.
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  2. Barry Mead

    Well I don't see anyone really reacting to one game, we have played 8 and can only really look at the QPR game with any satisfaction and that somewhat muted by the feeling that QPR were so poor that day they played a big part in making us look good

    Then you look at other factors that though early doors still raise concerns, poor transfer window, poor selections, questionable subs both in personel and timing, questionable captain and vice captain decisions, tactics that seem limited, no apparent plan b or c if the tactics are not working or the players seem unable to follow them

    There's bound to be concerns and given Levy's history of poor decisions in selecting new managers and the fact that Poch had no track record or any meaningful success or any great depth of experience it's hardly surprising that people are getting concerned.

    Poch has an ideal opportunity to ease those concerns against the Scum on Saturday. A win will go a long way to show he is up for the job and at least buy him some time, but if we continue showing poor displays and bad results along with some poor selections the the concerns will get greater not less and the pressure will build
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  3. garryparkerschest
    QPR may have been poor but I still think it was a performance of great promise. It had been a while since we put a team to the sword. I use to find performances under AVB very tedius and slow despite hoping he'd change but it never happened.

    Under Sherwood it was a bit better but I see some promising signs under Poch and I think he'll get it right. I like his philosophy and with the right players with the right mentality things will get better.

    Regarding the window, I think it was sensible window, the one that took us back was last summers where sold Elvis and brought a bunch of beetles, dwarfing in the quality sold.

    I still believe in Eriksen and Lamela, as I think once they are use to Poch's methods, they'll get better.

    I just didn't understand the purchase of Soldado, he's never had the physical attributes to be a success in England. (I hope he proves me wrong)

    The rest of the signings didn't improve the first team, which I believe what signing new players should do.

    This Transfer window has improved the first team, it's improved the performances of Rose by having Davies there. Stambouli will get better and think has the right mentality to improve the team.

    Fazio will eventually become a first teamer with Vertonghen, otherwise I can't see the reason why he was brought.
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  4. Khilari
    We didn't play well, no. But don't you have to put it in context a little - i.e. players adapting, tactics, training, altered personnel (lamela back, capoue, dier). No-one's saying it's good, but going as far as saying our season's over if we have a couple more like this is just OTT.

    I don't need happy pills, but I worry what would happen to someone like you if you supported Shef Wed or Coventry or Bradford City etc? Would you kill yourself?
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  5. Main Man
    Let's put it into context then. Let's look at the bigger picture.

    We are playing the same formation used under AVB. People keep telling me its different and we press higher up the pitch, but this is a myth. There is no evidence of this whatsoever. We don't press anymore than we did when AVB first came in, in fact we press less than when AVB first came in. Getting a team to press isn't rocket science, and is something he apparently instilled into his Southampton team from game one.

    You mention altered personnel, but realistically the first team has remained unchanged for the last 12 months with the odd exception. It's not as though Poch has the excuse which AVB had (and wasn't allowed to use) of having to bed in lots of new players - Poch so far is refusing to play them.

    We can come up with as many excuses as we want, the simple fact is that 8 games into the season, we have performed well twice - against two teams who will in all probability get relegated (and lost to a team who before beating us were the worst team in the League).

    But more worryingly, we haven't even played a good team yet. The last game I want this weekend is Arsenal away.

    It's frightening... just frightening.
  6. 2bearis2do
    Absolutely right my main man - I fear it's going to be one of those games where come the second half - you just can't bear the torture anymore - Another slaughter at the hands of a top 4 team beckons. I'm shitting bricks quite frankly.

    Passionate Players of the recent Past: Dawson, Sandro, Defoe, Holtby.

    Now name me a current passionate player?
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  7. adamsky
    We are the definition of average, therefore we will get average results. We will occasionally play well, the planets will align, and get some decent results, but over the course of the season we have to accept that we are the level of villa, west ham, Swansea etc...

    What most worries me is that none of our new signings are clearly better than what we have as they can't get in he team. If Fazio is not getting in the team because of Kaboul or Chirches, he ain't all that or Poch's judgement has to be questioned.

    Roll on Saturday
  8. Gaz_Gammon

    I agree in part that results will improve, they simply have to. We have not looked convincing this season so far against teams who most would consider mediocre to poor (Sunderland, WBA, QPR). I guess QPR though appear to be every teams cannon fodder at present.

    Overreacting to a single result makes no sense at all but when Sunday's result is compared to the draw at Sunderland (after leading twice) and then producing no goals at home to Liverpool or WBA plus another blank in the EPL it does suggest even to the most optimistic of us that 4-2-3-1 is not working (and it didn't under AVB) and that to match a poor defence we have an attack with no pace and final ball.

    The club have brought in over the past three seasons around fourteen new players, and we looked a better team without any of them save Lloris and Eriksen. To spend over one hundred and fifty million on players over two seasons and manage just a single shot on goal against WBA at home is criminal irrespective of how long the coach has been at the club.

    That is a fact that no one can defend.
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  9. Gaz_Gammon

    Putting it in context it's rather simple. We have failed to score at home against Liverpool and WBA as well as away in the EPL.

    We drew a game up in Sunderland after leading twice. Only Fulham lost more home games than Sunderland last season.

    There's some context for you.

    4-2-3-1 isn't working and never did under AVB. According to the stats i read (which may not be correct) we had one single shot on goal in ninety minutes of football against a side that had never won in the PL at WHL, and were win less in thirteen?

    Even the most unluckiest of unlucky sides ridden with bad luck, playing a second eleven who are unlucky to have been selected would put up a better effort than what we have seen in Sundays game.

    I am not blaming Poch, but there is something very wrong at the club that is producing performances like those so far this season.

    We lack leadership, passion, drive and determination, something that cannot be trained into any footballer. Another poor transfer window, and another season of "rebuilding" or "transition" now appears on the horizon.

    If you saw anything different happening on the pitch on Sunday that has not been seen at WHL over the past two seasons then please enlighten me.
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  10. coopsieyid
    Venables, George fucking Graham and even Juande fucking Ramos = ALL more "successful" than the guy you're saying is our most successful manager since our best ever manager.

    Football didn't start when the Champions fucking League started, and finishing FOURTH is very much NOT SUCCESSFUL. You're talking about a fucking football team, you know, football, a sport? The ONLY "success" = Winning something. Even my 7 year old daughter is aware of that, so why are so few supposed 'Grown-ups' incapable of grasping that simple notion?
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  11. coopsieyid
    Except in cup matches, they didn't matter? Did you know, until Liverpoo beat us 3-0, Pochettino was our most successful manager EVER, 100% win rate. Fucking awesome :rolleyes:
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  12. garryparkerschest
    Just a simple question Gaz,

    Were you impressed with the performance against Sunderland taking away the result?

    The only two disappointing games I can remember from the season is Liverpool and the WBA game and I am too seasoned to start worrying just yet.

    The way we bossed Sunderland at there ground is something we need to aspire to in all our games.
  13. Block D Spurs
    Against the asrse... Ade of course..
  14. coopsieyid
    Right up until February, flying high and then

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  15. Gaz_Gammon

    A little OTT me thinks, but fourth spot is successful for Spurs. I mean winning a trophy would be nice, but even the red side of Manchester are thinking differently today.

    In terms of pure football, entertainment and overall performance, and PL standings Redknapp was the most successful Spurs manager since the PL started. The vast majority of Spurs fans would i think consider that the modern era of the game and a very satisfying one given the money that the perennial "top four" spend.
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  16. Gaz_Gammon
    See "taking away the result" really means taking away the poor performance does it not?

    If we hadn't have conceded two stupid goals, then we would in theory have won two - nil? You cannot separate one from the other, and again i say we led twice to a team who had lost as many games at home as Fulham last season, this despite us signing another plethora of players.

    That result alone should tell anyone that the players may be better than the performance but the system simply is beyond them. I think myself that the system Poch wants to play is beyond most of their talent.
  17. coopsieyid
    Come on, Gaz. I'm sure someone can defend, we just haven't signed them yet :whistle:
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  18. coopsieyid
    It's not just this season, or last season under AVB. Remember when rip-roaring Redknapp took high flying THFC to Wet Spam, a team who were sitting bottom of the PL, hadn't scored a single point (I believe), yet managed to beat us and get themselves off the bottom of the table & break their scoring duck? I can remember it well & shit happens.

    The only difference between the more recent embarrassing defeats, and the one that Rip-roaring Redknapp suffered, was neither of the recent managers have come out after the game & told the SkySports cameras "I'm really happy for them" when speaking about our opponents.

    There will be more embarrassing results to come, and there will be some for other teams too. We either stand side by side and support the team as best as we can, or we simply pay no attention to football whatsoever. This is where times have changed, I guess? I grew up in an era of "supporters", but it seems that the modern day follower is not fully able to understand what "support" means. It doesn't need to be blind, but it does need to be present. No team has ever achieved anything without the backing of the people in the stands.
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  19. Main Man
    Poch's 'system' doesn't exactly require talent does it?

    Anyway, our team/squad is more talented than Southampton's was for instance - and they managed it.
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  20. coopsieyid
    OTT, nothing OTT about the truth, Gaz. I was clear enough in my response, football has been around since long before the PL or CL came into the equation. Multiple managers have been more successful than Redknapp at THFC, that is an unquestionable fact.

    4th spot is successful for Spurs? yeah man, third best at losing, awesome success right there :rolleyes:..

    Remember, those top 4 finishes that you are speaking so highly/proudly of, should have been at least 3rd place finishes, but successive end of season slumps resulted in those places being literally thrown away.

    I'd wager there's many a manager who would be able to take a team that has a fully fit Kaboul, a fit Ledgeley King, a class act like Modric, a quality player like VDV, and an upcoming talent like Bale, a Lennon that actually skinned people, a very good performing BAE, and put up a decent fight for 4th. Apart from Chel$ki and an ageing United team, I don't think there was anyone who had a better choice of players at their disposal, than Redknapp did.

    See, I'm not slagging the guy off, I'm simply saying he wasn't a 'success', and he achieved what must be considered the very bare minimum when taking into account the players he had at his disposal. I was extremely grateful for the wins & the CL adventures, but I, personally, don't see that as "success". (y)

    EDIT: I now have to go and deal with the kids, so if you respond, I'm not ignoring you, I'm simply not here.
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