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    The Club is delighted to announce the appointment of Mauricio Pochettino as our new Head Coach on a five-year contract.

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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, May 27, 2014.

  1. spursintheblood
    Not his fault really that he got sacked by Chelsea. Asked to modernise the squad. Went about it too brashly and became an object of ridicule over his desire for players to come celebrate with the coaches. Think sacking him at spurs was harsh, but he was inflexible and it seems a little prideful. I would have left him in place as the Tim debacle was a massive distraction that did our reputation no good. would have given tim time too, but Levy hamstrung him with the contract. Should never have been made full cosch. Interim would have done fine and he could have moved on or back to the youth. Basically I hope Levy has thought this one through clearly and spent time considering personality over previous achievement. We need the squad to gel (and a new left back...)
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  2. balalasaurus
    6th minimum for me as that reflects our spending power and financial standing. Not to mention its the bare minimum we know our players can achieve following the disaster that has been this season. But honestly standing is irrelevant. I would more like to see player development and the makings of a distinct style of play than any particular finishing position and if we have that i would call the season a success. If there was one thing we've learned this year its that club identity can achieve much more than a lot of people believe it to be capable of. Look at Liverpool in the prem and if youre still not convinced take a gander over at Spain where Atletico have really driven that point home.
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  3. OnTheUp
    Sorry princess, I won't trouble you any more.
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  4. Gaz_Gammon

    Duly noted, and archived............................:whistle:
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  5. OnTheUp
    Say no more. If he doesn't equal this or finish higher he has to go, and Levy with him.
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  6. BTN1
    Very happy with this appt, i think we're onto something here. There was mention of him going to Real after is work with Esp. I initially Had FbD as my preferance, however he is untried at the EPL, and would have been a gamble - Ajax have a different philosophy - and are in an inferior league. With the Saints MP has worked wonders, just listen to the quotes from the southampton players- they hold him in high esteem. As others have said i think Levy has been looking the right young manager who can get along side multi millionaire footballers and get them playing attractive football. Avb being his first forray into this style. The age of the old war horse manager is gone- and before you say what about LvG- i think he'll be a flop at Man Utd, as his style is out dated with the modern footballer. What we need is a young manager in the mould of Gaurdiola, or Simeone - and Poch fits the bill for me. exciting times ahead
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  7. slartibartfast
    Cant agree with you there mate. Not saying we have to get top four but my fu#king Nan could get our squad a top 7 finish and she passed away years ago. We spend a shit load compared to those lower than 8th so if the coach still cant do anything then imo its because he's clueless.
    This idea that it tales a Manager 2 seasons to figure out how to get his team playing decent football is total bollocks.
    Dont think it will matter anyway. This guy knows what he's doing so unless he has a total brain fart I think we'll be looking at 5th or 6th place finish.
    I'll settle for seeing team selections that make sense, players playing in their preferred positions, defenders who know how to defend and some kind of settled strongest 11 going out more often than not. Shit, the same 9 players for 2 games would be a breath of fresh air.
    Siggy right wing? Seriously wtf?
    Sorry Im ranting. The future is here, forget the past... stupid cock up muraw murma ermpth lol.
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  8. thfc2012
    Not my first choice, but I liked the way Southampton played last year, seems to try and play the ' Spurs way'... Just hope that he brings a good defensive coach with him.!!!!
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  9. slartibartfast
    Well Ramos was a total disaster and he then went to RM so who knows ;)
  10. Goliath
    It's 100%, nailed on top four and a cup.

    The soldier will be a revelation. 20 goals in the prem alone.

    Hey, I guess I'm a glass is half full kinda guy.
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  11. parj
    The same Redknapp that threw away 3rd place whilst acting like a whore for the England job? We offered him a contract and he didn't want to sign cos he thought he was the new England boss. Why should we have kept him?
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  12. OnTheUp
    Ha ha, fair play, I'll give you 100/1 this doesn't happen though. Prepared to put put money on your prediction?
  13. TottenhamMattSpur
    Half full?
    Mate, with optimism like that your glass is over filled.
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  14. OnTheUp
    Because he's the second best manager we've ever had.
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  15. Gaz_Gammon

    I would have preferred FDB myself, but am supportive of the Argie. He can i think, make something of this team given time, though that's something Levy just does not believe in i am afraid to say.
  16. TottenhamMattSpur
    We all know he acted like a bell end.
    Doesn't change the fact he's the best manager we've had since Venables.
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  17. Goliath
    I'm an optimist, not a lunatic.

    In all seriousness, Soldado could start firing. If he's still with us it's going to be a new start for him. Needs to bang a few in early though or pressure will quickly mount.

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  18. parj
    I totally agree with you... But this summer when hodgson gets sacked Harry would have been whoring himself again. Or we would be signing Rio, Sidwell and Lampard.
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  19. 18Klinsmann
    I've been hoping for FdB all along, but Pochettino makes a lot of sense to me. I've been very impressed with the playing style he has instilled in his team, he should have a slight advantage in turning around our Spanish speaking new signings and seems a cool, young manager that already has PL experience. All in all a reasonable appointment that seems the pick of the bunch when it somes to protecting our vast player investments and relying on youth players breaking through the ranks in the future.
    What remains to be seen is how he will cope with the huge challenge of making everything click at Spurs. Playing in the EL while chasing a top six finish, and keeping everyone happy in the process, including Levy, the fans and the media. Good luck to him, let's get behind him a 100 percent and hope the board and players do as well. If he manages to get our squad playing to its full potential and makes the right adjustments the future could be really bright.
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  20. BTN1
    I also think that a big reason why Levy will give him time is because he wont have Tim chatting in his ear about the manager. I think getting TS out of our club is as important as hiring Poch, he may just have a chance without Tim there beside the Chairman, and think Levy has finally worked this out - heres hoping
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