No, I´m not blind, we really are 14th in the league.

Discussion in 'Columns' started by 2bearis2do, Jan 21, 2010.

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    This season has been as up and down as any I can remember in recent times. Sure, we´ve had the highs, but boy have we also had the gut wrenching lows.

    We´ve thrown mud at most of the players at one point or another and I for one have thrown a fair deal in the direction of Harry. Swearing blindly that he fails to see what is so obvious to me.

    But why? We´re sitting 4th for gods sake, we´re in the Champions League position for Pete´s sake. (Sorry Pete). We´ve scored 9 against Wigan, beaten Liverpool at home and have just had a run of 5 clean sheets. But alas, poor disillusioned friends of mine, we´ll never take 4th position despite the unpredictable form form of Man City or the atrocious season of Liverpool and all the opportunities that have come our way.

    Now when I say opportunities, I´m not just talking about last nights -must win game - at Anfield, or the - really should be winning games - against Stoke, Wolves and Hull. I´m talking quite simply and frankly about the missed opportunities in front of goal. Our crap finishing.

    In short and so as not to over complicate things for the simple, milk bottled, bespecced Spurs supporter that often resides on this site. We´re crap in front of goal. and if you don´t score goals, you can´t win games.

    It really is as simple as that. You see despite having the 4th best goal difference in the league, and despite the anomalies of Wigan & Hull we are in fact crap in front of goal. Our 3 man strike force of Keane, Defoe & Crouch are in reality pretty pish poor and Harry and the rest of the Spurs management have failed to see this or indeed find a way around it.

    I´m talking nonsense, of course? Because Defoe has a dozen goals to his name, because Crouch works so hard for the team and because Keane will soon discover his old magical self. Bollox to all that. We don´t score very often, when we do, we look great and we all think we´re great, but in truth we have the 14th best record in the league (click link). Yes FOURbleedinteenth!

    - In 22 games this season, we have failed to score in 7 of them.
    - That´s position number 14 in that particular league.
    - And if you can´t score, you won´t pick up 3 points.
    - And that is why we won´t get anywhere near the CLge position come May.

    So, where has it all gone wrong up front? Well, I for one wish I could ask Harry. We seem to be creating enough chances. Some of our shots on goal records have been pretty good despite not hitting the back of the net. But what´s the point of shooting, if you can´t score?

    Time for a change:
    - Crouching Workhorse Hidden Talent: is just not a goal scorer.
    - Defoe, is the best we have and is currently blowing very hot & cold.
    - Keane, was a great player. Please notice the past tense.

    Over the course of the season so far, they are all coming up short (OK; except Crouch: pun) And yet we are doing nothing about it, or recognising it, we´re simply saying - their keeper had a great game, - it was one of those days, - it was disappointing blah, blah fecking blah.

    Christ, how Pavvy has not even been tried over the course of this season remains a mystery. But the real question is as we still sit in our lofty 4th position - Are we going to do anything about it? Or are we going to continue blindly through the rest of the season and fail to score on another 6 or 7 occasions?

    - Ultimately, we have to be either a) more clinical in front of goal or b) change this malfunctioning strike force in some way.

    I´ll close now by adding we actually top the league for the highest number of different scorers. 15 I think. Sounds good doesn´t it? Well it does until you factor in that these 15 players have also all failed to score in 7 of the 22 games to date.

    Personally I´d like to think that Pav could still get a game, but lets be honest that´s about as likely as us agreeing terms for RVN or KJHuntlaar.

    I pray something will happen before the end of the transfer deadline - But I fear, we´ll be left with this shoddy strike force for the remainder of the season and that we´ll fall short of all our hopes and dreams once again in a season when 4th was there for the taking - and I´ll be asking myself in the summer - what was it that the management could not see?
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by 2bearis2do, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. mattstev2000
    To be honest, I agree with this and I don't particularly like posting negative stuff about players.

    I was personally just getting tired of Pav getting a load of respect and support for basically acheiving nothing with us and Keane constantly getting shit despite being a club legend and performing ok this season.

    Just my frustration coming out. I wish there was a lot more positive stuff about all our players.
  2. Chedozie

    Im with you on that, Pav, Gio, Taraabt, seem to be held as messiahs by some on this site, for reasons i cannot fathom.
  3. beuller
    Right.......... goalscoring is goalscoring in my opinion. Cup/league makes little difference to me.

    Scored against Liverpool in the league. The Winner in fact. Could have done with someone doing that last night really.

    Your comment about 'poor opposition' is ridiculous. Just smacks of someone who's never kicked a ball in his life.

    Can't believe I am defending Pavlyachenko, I don't even rate him that highly.

    But for him to get almost 0 playing time when we have one of Crouch and Keane in the starting line up is pretty shocking in my opinion.
  4. beuller

    I don't understand the comment, I assume it was directed my way because it's a response to a response to me...

    I didn't slag off the manager or the players. I tried to defend one who got a decent goal-haul last year and was then written off.

    I think you are a bit over-protective toward the manager.
  5. mattstev2000
    I'm confident that we consistently meet considerably better quality opposition in the league than we do in either of the cups. It's just the way the cups work (lower league teams + PL teams playing weakend sides).

    Having said that, different strokes for different folks. Personally Pav would always be 4th choice behind Keane, Defoe and Crouch for me. He just hasn't shown enough in the time he's been here to be promoted above any of them.
  6. coys63
    The reality is that Harry does not play his whole squad. He sticks with the same 13 - 14 week in week out. If I were a young player there is no way in hell I would sign for Spurs if they came calling.
  7. Chedozie

    An incorrect assumption, it was nothing to do with you.

    I was pointing out that people on here moan to much, when we win, the players are great, when we lose the managers rubbish.
  8. pistolP
    All true :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
  9. ethanedwards
    Or Defoe or both?
  10. avonspurs

    I didnt see the match, or listen to it as was at work; relied on SC and BBC for updates. I was staggered at the personal vitriol directed towards (as some called him last night) "that twat harry". I think, may not be 100% correct as cant be bothered to look through it all again, that he may have been called a '*****' as well.

    I dont have an issue with the manager (and/or players) being dissected, questioned, criticised, etc.... but personal vitriol directed at a man who has been a manager for so many years, has managed over 500 games and clearly knows a damn sight more than the majority of people who post is unwarranted.

    He is paid to make decisions; I, sometimes, disagree with them (I also couldnt understand his substitutions and was unhappy with them).

    However, its easy when the result goes against us to say "he should have played ????". If he had, and we still had lost, would the vitriol be the same - probably but for different reasons. Is praise given to him when he makes tactical changes that win a game - probably by some, but not by others who clearly have issues with him being the manager of our club and will take every opportunity to slag him (the same for players - I remember one comment yesterday about how someone "never wanted Crouch to come to us" - - this individual will never be objective enough to see the positives that Crouch could/does bring to us or, probably, say 'well done' when hes had a good game)
  11. spurs_viola
    I would like to repeat a few points that quite a few people were wary of for some time now.

    Crouch was a very predictable Harry's signing and signalled the end for Pavlyuchenko and the beginning of long ball tactics when under any pressure; again, not so much a fault of the player as the tactics makers and players who take an easy option of hopeful long ball to a 6ft 7in forward without providing proper support to him;

    Keane...a shadow of the formerly very good player for Spurs; we have, but seems to have a habit of sitting on his laurels after a good spell and still needs some astute coaching in positional awareness on and off the ball.

    And so, when the team again struggled to break down a resolute defensive wall and the usual options did not work, where were the other options? Pavlyuchenko, who scored 3 goals in 2 games v Liverpool last season when the team played so poorly, and who showed signs of being better prepared for his 2nd season in EPL last summer, was again kept away from the action. And Crouch, who showed his limitations again, especially against a better team, and who has scored 4 goals in 22 games now will always start ahead of Pav.

    I am pleasantly surprised that so many people seem to finally have noticed that Gio may provide an effective option too, especially in the absence of Lennon. But the only surprise was to actually see his name on the team sheet, even though he was not going to have a run out unless both Modric and Kranjcar were injured.

    Harry's refusal to try other options which could bring the crucial element of unpredictability and his preference to use his favoured type of players even if out of position, has sadly been the very predictable feature this season.
  12. bigspurs
    Maybe he is rubbish? Maybe people on here do moan too much, but then maybe its because they are so f*cking disappointed and frustrated by an underachieving side they have had to support all of their lives. Maybe they are sick of the constant embarrassments. Maybe the lows do actually outweigh the highs? Who knows... :wink:
  13. Chedozie

    You are right, quite often its one gut wrenching disappointment after another, it has been for me since about 1985, when the team i grew up watching broke up, Perryman, Ardiles, Hoddle, Roberts, Villa Archibald, Crooks, hughton, Clemence all class, but they have gone, along the way i've seen Waddle, Gascoigne, Lineker, Mabbutt, Gough, Klinsmann, Ginola and Berbatov, all top draw.

    We can squabble on here until our fingers are worn to the bone, maybe we could all go and support Brentford, much easier, you know they are going to be shit, so you never expect anything good.

    But im stuck with Spurs, no doubt we'll destroy Leeds and put fulham to the sword and its all good again.
  14. avonspurs
    Totally agree. Unfortunately, I never (and I mean NEVER) expect Spurs to win any match - I've lived my whole 38 years supporting them, from taking the short walk from lansdowne road to WHL at 2 yrs old with my uncle to watch a match, to now where I am now passing this affliction on to my two children (does that count as child abuse?!) and I have seen us lose too many times to teams we should have beaten to ever think that we will win another game!!!!

    As a consequence, I am deliriously happy when we win, and have a "of course we lost" matter-of-fact demeanour when we lose. I have little expectation - that way, the disappointment doesnt hurt as much, and the wins are more joyous.

    I know - I should expect/hope for more, but I cant. I'm still deliriously happy that we are as high as 4th this year!! I wish I could support a different team or expect more of this team I love, but I just cant, I just cant dammit!!:oops:
  15. the shelf
    On the contrary, our results are becoming depressingly easy to predict. Big club away? Heavy defeat.
    Small club at home? Struggle to break down.
  16. boris
    I'm very disappointed that we didn't take any points at all from a weakened and waning Liverpool side. Top four?? You're 'avin' a laugh.

    For the rest of the season I shall be supporting Norwich.
  17. sebo_sek
    Those weak opponents in the cup included - Newcastle, Liverpool (2), Man Utd, Wigan - all Prem opposition.
    Add to that 5 goals in the league and suddenly his scoring record doen't look too dismal, it's over 10 goals in the opening season.

    He was given a target at the beginning of the season - 20 goals. he must have been over the moon as it meant he would be playing. Then he plays for 30 minutes total in the league. And doesn't score - Yeah he's crap.

    So Harry, who says he is t'rrific in training, lied to him. He should have let him leave in the summer. The boy really deserves better for getting us to wembley last year.
  18. coys63
    What makes me laugh is that Pav has played only 62 mins in the prem this season and everyone is saying he's crap. Based on what? His huge total of 3% game time in 22 matches? All I remember is his partnership with Defoe looked promising last season especiazlly against Stoke at the lane but Defoe got injured, we bought Keane in a panic and we haven't seen Pav and Defoe play together since. I have empathy for Pav and his predicament cos it is obvious that Harry wont play him no matter what the situation so who could blame him for having a lack of confidence, poor attitude and not wanting to be where he is. You can all bang on about being proffessional etc etc but translate it to your work place and think how most of you would react if treated similarly. You would look for another job most probably.
  19. rooster1
    I agree here that we should have had Gio or Rose on from the beginning but in my view playing away from home a 4-5-1 with Defoe up front and playing with 10 behind the ball would of been our best starting option. Modric or kranky would of been more effective with this formation.
    Instead we had Modric surrounded with 2 or 3 players that he couldn't out run. Our passing game is what they feared most,but with an extra bit of pace added and playing them at their own game.We could of got something out of this.
    salvaging a point
  20. Shirtfront
    The difference between us and the sides who will actually finish in the top four is that we are aiming for fourth; they are aiming to win the league.

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