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Man of the match?

  1. Vorm

    0 vote(s)
  2. Walker

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  3. Vertonghen

    28 vote(s)
  4. Dier

    65 vote(s)
  5. Davies

    2 vote(s)
  6. Stambouli

    25 vote(s)
  7. Mason

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  8. Dembele

    1 vote(s)
  9. Paulinho

    1 vote(s)
  10. Eriksen

    2 vote(s)
  11. Townsend

    35 vote(s)
  12. Adebayor

    5 vote(s)
  13. Kane

    2 vote(s)
  14. Soldado

    6 vote(s)
  15. No One

    31 vote(s)
  16. Undecided

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  1. Bus-Conductor

    Bus-Conductor SC Supporter

    Ratings Received:
    +46,778 / 2,196 / -646
    The Spurs home hypothesis :

    + resilience…………..x up us……………..= typical spurs game
    Carelessnes……………...poor selection……….slow brains

    So, turns out Sunderland was a perfect dress rehearsal, only difference was Sheff Utd were better. The formula delivered the usual result.

    They dug in, looked to counter or capitalise on set pieces, while we huffed and puffed and what very few situations we developed were wasted with carelessness or ineptitude.

    Don't like the two striker system, don't like Adebayor and Kane together, too samey samey, as a "9" Kane's hustle and bustle and slight blinkered directness can be a good thing, in the "10" position (or as the ALM where he switched to for a spekll first half) it just becomes clumsy and irritating as he tries to bulldoze through legs and bodies, invariably ending in dead ends. He is not a "10", he's a "9", so stop doing it Mopo. We effectively sacrificed a creator or at least different attacking angle for two samey samey fuckers, cluttering up the same central spaces with their different flavours of clumsy.

    He didn't have a great night but the people that booed Adebayor are fuckwits. He did try and he may be here for the rest of the season, booing him isn't going to get the best out of him and we may need him.

    Townsend once again delivered the square route of fuck all, for all he saw of the ball, and is the worst player and biggest coward I have seen without the ball. When we don't have the ball he is an utter liability and refuses to press properly, sometimes when others are trying to, and this just allowed them out of the trap and kills any hope of winning the ball high up. You either all do it or it's pointless as it becomes counter productive.

    Mason was awful tonight. The game seemed to evade him for big spells, especially second half, and him getting yanked off is becoming a habit. Not involved enough, It's pointless passing forward if all you do is whack it at people who have a man up their arses. I was unconvinced from the get go with Mason, I just didn't think he was delivering what he should be to pay the compromise but the last few games (prior to injury) I'm getting more ad more convinced he's not the answer.

    The first two subs made some kind of sense, but Paulinho for Stambouli was a bit puzzling.The positive is we took a win out of another grind.


    Vorm - OK

    Walker - Walker

    Dier - Good game, best in a Spurs shirt so far. Showed aggression, tenacity and confidence on the ball at times. Liking what I see so far.

    Vertonghen - Good game, great ball for the pen

    Davies - Was exposed but didn't have a great game and made a couple of poor mistakes that could have cost.

    Stambouli - Worked very hard and had a pretty decent game.

    Mason - Poor game. Careless with the ball and disappeared second half.

    Townsend - Townsend

    Kane - Tried but was clumsy and wasteful.

    Eriksen - Tried but nothing quite came off.

    Adebayor - tried but looks really out of sorts. Poor touch often.

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  2. spurs-r-us

    spurs-r-us Well-Known Member

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    +1,793 / 198 / -46
    Vorm - 6

    Walker - 7
    Dier - 6
    Vertonghen - 6
    Davies - 2

    Townsend - 7
    Mason - 4
    Stambouli - 5
    Eriksen - 5.5

    Kane - 5
    Adebayor - 4

    Soldado - 4
    Dembele - 6
    Paulinho - 5
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  3. spurs-r-us

    spurs-r-us Well-Known Member

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    +1,793 / 198 / -46
    I thought he was very good today. Had a lot of running to do, considering we didn't have a LW and almost every attack came through him and Townsend.
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  4. Strikeb4ck

    Strikeb4ck Well-Known Member

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    +6,097 / 531 / -88
    Good: Vorm, Dier, Vertonghen, Paulinho
    Decent: Stambouli, Townsend
    Average: Kane, Soldado, Eriksen
    Poor: Walker, Davies, Mason, Adebayor (though he wasn't terrible or anything and certainly didn't warrant getting boo'd, just off the pace in his first start and isolated), Dembele (just solely because he didn't impose himself, I love watching him though)
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  5. ClintEastwould

    ClintEastwould Well-Known Member

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    +5,572 / 133 / -30
    Just watching now. Not in for a good time by the looks of it in here..
  6. Twizzle

    Twizzle The Alpha Male

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    +2,569 / 101 / -47
    I think some of you guys are forgetting Walker has been out of the game for a long time.

    He not only needs to regain his match fitness but he needs to learn how to fit into Poch's team again.

    He is also young, he will come good in time.

    I just hope its pretty soon, lol
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  7. HotspurFC1950

    HotspurFC1950 Well-Known Member

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    +2,993 / 727 / -233

    I wasn't longing for Walker to come back personally.

    He had a mojo on the go but hit the wall before his injury lay off.

    As well, he hasnt been coached to overcome his limitations.
  8. EastLondonYid

    EastLondonYid Well-Known Member

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    +5,459 / 198 / -92
    I am proud of most of squad this season, the reason being we are in all competitions still, without having real top quality, but what we do have is a winning habit ,a desire and a will not to lose....but lastnite wasn't clever

    Vorm spectator

    Davies ..stop all the bull ''he was exposed'' he was and has for most of this season been poor, and lastnite had a div1 nobody making him look awful, defensively poor, going forward even worse.

    Jan. what he must be thinking i don't know, we should be making him skipper so he doesn't go. Calmness around all the madness.

    Dier.. strong and willing,but did leave walker 2 v1 twice, tends to lose his marker , noticed that on sat too, but he has a future and will learn

    Walker . Going forward not great, defensively good, he is by no means our problem and we should cut him some slack.imo

    Mason...just back from injury so looked off the pace, he is what he is, the jury is still out for me.

    Stambouli ..can't be easy playing only one game here one game there and with different partners each time, can't judge him properly untill he is given a proper chance...worked hard as he always does though

    Eriksen.. our shining light usually, lastnite failed to find the space to get his game together, most of the night found himself in a cul-de-sac.

    Townsend.. looked like a 100m runner , straight lines head down...not what was required was it?

    Kane....Poch is handling him wrong atm, started playing as a 10 after he totally destroyed Chelsea as a 9...WHY????....trouble is he plays the same way as a 10 as he does as a 9 and thats madness.,no room, no where to go.

    Ade....Poch decision to play him and make him skipper was a masterstoke :rolleyes:. The booing was pathetic though,

    Subs ..Soldado won penalty...''well done'...Dembele came on and changed nothing, sideways tappy football.. Paulinho ..what is there to say...exactly.

    Poch.. was not his greatest moment, his team selection ( and skipper selection) got the crowd in the wrong mood, split and talking about those decisions instead of being bang up for the semi....Kane as a 9 and Rose for Davies for starters, the left side no threat all night, hence leaving ''Linford Christie'' our only source of width on the right, the middle then became busier than Oxford Circus....Poch got it wrong lastnite, luckily they opposition wasn't good enough to punish us.
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  9. arunspurs

    arunspurs Well-Known Member

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    Dier looks to have bulked up a bit. He looks on heavier side, compared to season's first game against WestHam.

    If Fazio is fit, may be time to pair him with Dier & give some rest to Vertonghen who has been playing non-stop
  10. dudu

    dudu Well-Known Member

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    +3,427 / 102 / -38
    Im with those who arent too displeased.

    Was a pretty un exciting game but that's what you get when only one team comes to actually play. Don't get me wrong - Sheff United came with a plan to not concede and were very close to achieving their goal and I respect their ability to defend and press but last night was never going to be a spectacle to behold unless we got a couple of early goals.

    We couldn't tempt them out from the back and there was literally no space in which to play.

    Kudos to Andros who again showed signs of improvement and scored anther high pressure pen/
  11. sparx100

    sparx100 Well-Known Member

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    +1,670 / 61 / -8
    We won. Yes we didn't play cohesively but we haven't been doing that all season and still getting results.

    Quite a few players had bad games. Ade, Townsend, Mason, Walker. Davies was exposed bad against a pacy striker but had no midfield support.

    I gave Dier MOTM. I though he looked very assured And composed in his play. Verts also played well. Eriksen and Kane had no influence last night. Kane imo is going off the boil a little.

    I agree the booing is not productive for getting a useful Ade. We know he has it in the locker and he may be required at some points during the season so I think it is counter productive but let the fuckwit's continue and we shall see how it ends up......
  12. Wheeler Dealer

    Wheeler Dealer Well-Known Member

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    IMO, last night illustrated that we have squad that is generally OK, but missing any game changers, and it's when we play teams that set up like Sheff Utd we huff, and puff and generally go about our work in a pedestrian manner. We have far too many average players that provide average performances, which was all too evident last night. I think we have to lower expectations and accept that we are where we are and that a repeat of last night is very much likely soon.
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2015
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  13. sim0n

    sim0n King of Prussia

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    all 6s except for Vertonghen and Dier at 7... (y)

    Let's enjoy a win and see what line up appears this week end ;)
  14. walworthyid

    walworthyid David Ginola

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    +4,026 / 120 / -38
    Agree with most of what has been said. I think lamela might have made a difference as he offers something a bit a different and a bit more subtle.

    Also don't like kane at 10. I think it would only work if we had a pacy striker to run the channels and open up space for kane to run into. For now though kane needs to play at 9 and do what he does best.
    next week is going to be a very tough game but they will attack and that should suit us a lot better.
  15. Flashspur

    Flashspur Well-Known Member

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    where's the 'Huh?' smiley when you need it? o_O
  16. VegasII

    VegasII Well-Known Member

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    +3,489 / 35 / -14
  17. Maske2g

    Maske2g SC Supporter

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    Vorm 6 not much to do, but his kicking is as poor as Lloris's
    Walker 5 At least 3 mind blanks. When the guy fell out of play and Walker stopped, I pitied him. The thickest player we've ever had. "So pleased he is fit" naaaaat
    Davies 5 pretty much proved why he is second choice. Rose has been our outfield player of the season. Kane will surpass that come the end.
    Dier 6 untested, but did his best to mess about and take players out needlessly
    Vertonghan 7. Only player that turned up at the start
    Mason 4 - Gave the ball away 5 times in the first 14 minute. Inneffective. Poor decisions
    Stambouli 7 Wins battles, neat and tidy. WOuld like to see him get more involved.
    Townsend - 5 Full of endeavor, lacking ability
    Kane 6 - Should be playing up top where he is the form guy
    Eriksen 3 - Physically not up to it, apparently on last nights evidence, that can include when there is no one around him. Needs to work harder on his physicality. And taken off wide side pieces for good.
    Ade 5 - Looked to get in behind down the middle, all the time so rarely in the game, sluggish, and unfit.

    Poch - 4 Play the in form players in their position. Simple premise.
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2015
  18. Donki

    Donki Has a Massive Member Member

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    +8,569 / 150 / -45
    We seem to rely far too much on an individual doing something special to create a goal rather than some good build up play and movment to craft something for ourselves. Yes Sheffield were well drilled and worked hard but our movement and failure to attempt an incisive pass forward was increadably frustrating and so boring to the point I fell asleep 10 minutes into the second half. When we did have a chance to break we far to often make the wrong pass or slow the ball way down and let Sheffield get back into position. Kane needs to play as a striker, looks so lost in the hole, anway we got the win and should see them off in the next leg. Verts was rightfully the MoM but mostly by default as everyone else was poor to average. Need Chadli and Lamela (if for nothign else more than a different option) back as soon as possible. Can't see Bentaleb back anytime soon we really do miss him and considering his age that reallty does say a lot for him.
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  19. TaoistMonkey

    TaoistMonkey What would Phil Dunphy do? Staff

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    Bobby came over to Towsend to congratulate him on the pen, looked like Townsend said "thank you" :love:
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  20. 0-Tibsy-0

    0-Tibsy-0 Well-Known Member

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    Tottenham Hotspur ‏@SpursOfficial 2m2 minutes ago
    CONTRACT: We are delighted to announce that @Ryan_Mason13 has signed a new five-and-a-half-year contract until 2020.

    You may have to get used to him though....

    (Edit: just to clarify- I think its very good news)
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2015
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