Tim Sherwood is a backstabbing monster and he saved Spurs

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Jan 2, 2015.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Jan 2, 2015.

  1. Geyzer Soze
    Long live Timeh!!!
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  2. fedupyid
    Tim Sherwood had very little to do with our youth system apart from signing Bentaleb. When he was head of youth development he sat in his office and closed himself off from the players. Every other youth player was at Spurs for years before Sherwood took the job.
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  3. eddiebailey
    You can sense the inner turmoil as the author struggles to admit to having been wrong about TIm, but is not quite able bring himself to admit the depth of his error.
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  4. Tott66
    Is that the Sherwood who is still getting passed over for every vacant managers job
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  5. slartibartfast
    Tim Sherwood is a backstabber, eats babies and clubs baby seals.
    Knows a lot about football though lol.
    Every? There hasnt been any PL movement till a few days ago.
  6. yankspurs
    He was passed over by palace and brom twice and will be passed over by the geordies.
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  7. davidmatzdorf
    The article is a contemptible, vicious, foul, obnoxious and vile piece of work by a malicious writer who has no redeeming characteristics as a journalist. The attempt to be constructive in the final paragraphs does not undo the work of the rest of the article.

    It's a hate-filled article and I can't decide whether its character-assassination toward Sherwood is worse than its unjustifiable bitterness toward AVB.

    Anyone who reads that and doesn't feel dirty afterwards wants to to think about why they follow football.
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  8. slartibartfast
    Well tbf he hasn't really much experience has he and as most clubs are looking for someone to keep them from relegation it would be a big risk regardless of what you think of him.
  9. yankspurs
    He's spent years under 'Arry though. Surely that must count for something!:p
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  10. davidmatzdorf
    I wrote at the time, when Sherwood lost his job, that it would be a millstone for him, because what he really needs to do is to take on a club in the Championship and learn his craft as a manager. But because he is 'former Tottenham manager', he, his agent and the press all have him in the frame for every lower-level Premiership job.

    If he eventually gets one of those, he might do OK, but he's just as likely to turn into a Neil Warnock, bouncing around from one 'not-quite' job to another, ever undermined by his frankness.

    Sherwood needs to learn the 'people' side of the job in a less exposed environment, but he's not being given the chance.
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  11. slartibartfast
    Not when it comes to looking for appointing a PL manager to keep alive your survival in the league, no I
    don't think it does.
  12. yankspurs
    You know, the actual non **** side of me that would actually like to see him successful agrees with this 100%. Would probably be better to hone his craft at a championship side right now.
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  13. yankspurs
    I was being sarcastic, mate(y)
  14. CrazyHeart
    Tim Sherwood's contribution to the youth academy and firing up new prospects to help them get where they are today is something for which even I'm grateful.

    Ultimately though, the youth academy was Sherwood's job but someone didn't get the memo. Sherwood pulling what he did was just flat-out detrimental to our club and dragged our chain of command down to a new low. If he wanted the manager's job, he should've done it through the proper channels by getting a license, presenting his alternate vision to the board at the end of the season if we missed a Euro spot under AVB. But why bother, when he could just capitalize on a vulnerable situation where AVB's relationship with Levy was fraying on top of no support? Talk about fast-tracking yourself to the top through backstabbing.

    The article also ignores the fact that the universe can spawn more than two alternate timelines. The third possible timeline would be AVB getting his senior squad to gel and finishing the season strongly, while building a foundation for future success. Either way, the mid-season sacking screwed us and turned our club into a bad episode of Dynasty which wasted a season and sent our football back to the stone age.

    Yes, our former youth prospects are thankfully saving our asses now that the damage inflicted by Sherwood was done. This is precisely why they need to stick with Poch and let him get on with his job, making sure he gets the support and backing he needs to succeed without any shenanigans.
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  15. slartibartfast
    Doh lol. Sorry. Been rowing on the Chelski thread so a bit tetchy lol.
    Ironically defending your posts reg these trolls handing out ratings post match. A holes :happy:
  16. slartibartfast
    As opposed to a good episode of Dynasty lol o_O
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  17. JC-Rule
    If you had to choose between a more rounded character like Houghton, with a tad more experience, then maybe you side step Tim.

    Brighton and Hove just did.

    Tim, need to earns his spurs, drop down to the championship and gain promotion.
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  18. eddiebailey
    Could not agree terms with West Brom on either occasion. Was passed over for the Palace job in favour of Malky Mackay (who was always favourite), then ruled himself out of replacing Malky MacKay.
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  19. eddiebailey
    Quote from former youth player Calum Butcher on joining Dundee United:

    “I know Tim Sherwood gave me a good reference. I spoke to him and thanked him and it’s great to see him and Les go on to good things.

    “I played for them in the reserves and the youth team. Tim is a winner and didn’t take any prisoners so it was good to learn from somebody like that when I was younger.

    “He has a really good opinion about the game. Hopefully he’ll do really well for Spurs.”

    That does not sound like Tim was 'closed off from the players'.
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