Tim Sherwood is a backstabbing monster and he saved Spurs

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Jan 2, 2015.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Jan 2, 2015.

  1. CrazyHeart
    Not sure how even you can disagree with my best case / worst case scenarios, but sure... it's in the past, time to look ahead.
  2. Sweetsman
    It was a mutual parting of ways: THFC did not deny this. As regards VDV, I asked Burt the same question and he categorically stated that AVB did not want him to go.
    As for your statement about us not having brilliant players around Bale, I'd suggest you read my post again as that was what I was saying. Regarding AVB's remit to replace Modrić, he identified Moutinho. Yes, he was expensive, but these players usually are. Levy was in touch with AVB way before Redknapp was sacked, because the board had to make contingency plans for him getting the England job. Remember we were in for Oscar? Well, guess who was spending time in Brazil at that time? AVB. I'd suggest you read his recent interview with the Portuguese press. I will give you one thing though, which comes from this interview: some of AVB's choices, Hulk in particular, were completely unrealistic from a financial point of view.
  3. davidmatzdorf
    I'm not sure whether 'proved' is a helpful word there. Once relations had broken down between AVB & Levy past a certain point and they decided to part company in mid-season - whoever made the final move, it was plain that AVB was pretty fed up by then - Levy had to find someone to finish the season.

    He could try to attract another club's established manager in mid-season, which would have involved a long contract and thus would have capsized any attempt to set up a planned succession (see also: Ramos, Redknapp, 2008). Or he could roll the dice on the rest of last season with Sherwood, whilst setting up a contingency plan for a proper succession if Sherwood didn't over-perform.

    In the end, Sherwood got some pretty decent results and we managed to qualify for Europe despite the upheaval, so last season wasn't a total write-off. In the circumstances, a short term failed experiment seems to have been a better idea than leaping straight into a long-term arrangement with whatever manager happened to be available in mid-season.
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  4. mpickard2087
    Late to the party, but what an absolute load of bollocks that article is. Lazy attack after lazy attack and then the final paragraph aims to find some balance. Astonishing that this guy gets a gig for writing his opinions.
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  5. Sweetsman
    I'd just like to state the following for the record:
    1) Redknapp is a very astute manager, who I defended at the time and hoped would take us the PL glory. However, he made some very bad moves politically within the club, and he also messed up two consecutive second halves to seasons.
    2) Sherwood does talk sense, but also laces everything with self-promotion. He failed due to his own hubris.
    3) My support for AVB and dislike for Sherwood has the same root: their respective treatment by the English tabloid press and various xenophobic TV pundits. It's probably why the BBC is a bit wary of putting me on 606 after the comments I made about Martin Samuel.
    4) I think AVB had flaws that are down to immaturity, but he is a very good coach. He should have gone when he did, in retrospect, because he had lost heart, and this was transmitted throughout the squad.
    5) MP is the real deal.
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  6. eddiebailey
    And a further endorsement of Tim's approachable hands on approach from another former development squad player, Massimo Luongo:

    "In fairness, he's a brilliant boss to have. Under him with the under-21's we won our league and I had a great relationship with him.

    "When I wanted a chance to play regularly he even helped me out with my move to Swindon and I think he's just what Spurs need to push on again.

    "People always talk about what a great manager Harry is at motivating players and while that's definitely the case, in my experience, Tim is probably even better.

    "He's really your typical 'geezer' and is somebody everybody can relate to."
  7. Gaz_Gammon
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  8. Gaz_Gammon

    Ye fucking jest?

    "Flair and
    excitement" I mean seriously? The football played under that pillock was as exciting ( i will help you out om this one) as the fifteenth inning of a zip-zip baseball game.

    If you feel that AVB served up anything worth watching (aside from the goals flowing on at our end from the opposition) then you truly need to get out more.

  9. spursbhoy67
    Since the rise in blogging there has been an increase in internet journalists trying to make a name for themselves. The only way to get coverage is to write so well that you develop a great reputation and your piece is picked up by the likes of the Guardian, or as is the norm you rip a club, manager, player, etc and you generate coverage through hundreds if not thousands of irate fans of said club. This is one such piece and I am not a TS fan.

    However, I have said on here countless times for fans to take what is said by any player or manager with a pinch of salt especially after they have left a club. Only when they are done playing, coaching and/or managing and no longer in the game will the truth really come out.

    The Premier League is a business, it is a multi-billion pound industry and is now driven by egotistical, professional and personal agendas usually motivated by money and power. It is no longer the game we fell in love with and no longer the league of the minimum wage or players taking the bus or tube to training and games.

    It used to be about glory. It used to be about winning things. Now it is about flash cars, celebrity, WAGs, Twitter, publicity seeking chairmen, staying up and qualifying for the Champions League. Quite ironic on a day when we are all glued to the third round of the FA Cup.

    There are purists left in the game, but even they become cynical over time. They get worn down by the Glenn Hoddles, AVBs, Tim Sherwoods, Harry Redknapps. It happens at every club up and down the country and is only getting worse.

    Bill Nicholson and Keith Burkinshaw were not universally liked by the players during their reigns. Winning silverware and proving it on the field silenced all their critics in the dressing room for a time. Most of our recent managers have not had that luxury and have had to protect their reputations in the media and not by pointing to their honours won. Harry is the exception, but he overplayed his hand and the CL 'success' was not enough to keep him in a job.

    Players were undermining GH from within when he was in charge. Others were doing it when JS took over and paved the way for their boy to take over. I know players who said one thing in the dressing room and another thing in the media. Same with some managers. It is now a sad aspect of the game. Did it happen before the PL era? Yes, but not to the same degree now that the internet, 24 hour media, money, and business model of the league have taken over.
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  10. Sweetsman
    Wow, you do self-portraits, too! Is there no end to your talents?
  11. Sweetsman
    As for players undermining GH when he was in charge, I do believe a certain Timothy Sherwood was a major miscreant.

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