Tim Sherwood sacked as Tottenham manager

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by gusrowe, May 13, 2014.

  • by gusrowe, May 13, 2014 at 1:25 PM
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    We knew it was coming but I am a little disappointed

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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by gusrowe, May 13, 2014.

  1. ginola007
    Trouble is: with our history of constant sacking, what TOP, TOP manager will want to come? We have been linked to many over the years, but few answered our call.
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  2. mquinn73
    Spot on, mate. Could not have said it better!
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  3. UbeAstard
    But its also wise to see the potential problems down the line and rectify it ASAP which is what has been done here.
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  4. ginola007
    But why is the sporting director who blew all of Bale's money on non-performers still with the club?
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  5. Spur4life
    I want my club back me levy and co. How many managers have gone now ? No top manager will want too come. Maybe fat rafa ? But in the future that won't last long aswell
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  6. rupsmith
    Totally agree in principle - but if practically there simply are no alternative approaches then what rectification can actually be done?

    There are people on other threads saying Ancellotti or Van Gaal may be available and would want to come to us. I mean FFS.

    My main point was - unless we actually have a proven experienced upgrade to Tim, why would we want to sack him? I hope Dan Levy has his cards lined up to make the appointment we need. I think Pochettino and FDB are as much of a gamble as Tim was. They may look good on paper (remember AVB's?) but only time will tell whether they are up to it.

    Also, I think expectation levels in general are simply way way too high. Until we get a massive new stadium, we are simply a number 5/6 team. If we get 4th we are punching above our weight. 5th is about where we should be (although with Liverpool stepping up, that may be challenging) and 6th is below par
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  7. ginola007
    After Harry was sacked, the pundits all agreed that DL had someone already lined up. But nothing happened for several weeks and then we got AVB, who didn't distinguish himself with Chelsea, and though we fans all wanted him to succeed, his style of football was too sterile and boring for us. I just hope history does not repeat itself.
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  8. GeneralBurk
    It is misleading to say he had topped out. The board did not capitalise on our entry into the ECL and strengthen the forward line.

    The distraction of the England job should not have been enough to sack him. Especially when he brought the best football seen at the Lane for 30 years.
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  9. striebs
    Sorry but that is just revisionist .

    Jol was being undermined by the board .

    Redknapp had said he wanted the England job years before he joined Spurs .

    It's amazing how some fans always find a way to justify Levy's actions .
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  10. rupsmith
    Fedupyid - do you disagree? or do you dislike? how on earth was that post offensive?
  11. jolsnogross
    I'm glad this has been done quickly and I wish the best of luck to Sherwood in the future. Maybe he'll be back some day, though probably at a time when Levy isn't at Spurs.

    It looks like we're backing Baldini and he'll get this one shot to get the right man. If it goes pear shaped again, he'll be out with the new manager. There seems to be an emphasis on head-coach rather than manager.

    If it is Pochettino, I hope he never speaks English in public as Spurs boss. That way the fans wont be able to get their nickers in a twist about interviews, which is a very sackable offence at Spurs it appears.
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  12. Bennys LOL
    Thank goodness. THFC is not a club for a guys first job as a manager, that is all.
  13. UbeAstard
    That's not because of constant sackings, they happen at bigger clubs too and 'TOP' managers still go to them (Chelsea, Madrid). There are always bigger jobs than this one so the 'TOP' managers will wait for those.
  14. UbeAstard
    You cant say they are non-performers on one topsy season when they were respected performers where they came from.
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  15. jenko
    I feel sorry for Tim but then again I feel sorry for everyone who manages my club. I'm probably just a softie as they get paid well enough, but I'll always sympathise with someone who tries hard when failure occurs. He tried and he did some things well (Kane, Ade, Bentalab) but was never going to be accepted by Levy or the fans.

    Now get someone decent in and stick with him FFS!!!!!!! :mad:
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  16. UbeAstard
    Some would agree, some wont. Personally he showed that if something bigger came along his commitment to Spurs was likely to be compromised (unlike AVB), could have happened again 6 months down the line. I think the board that doesn't consider that as dim wits.
  17. Spurs 1961
    No need to feel sorry for Tim. He got his first step into management and am sure saw this as just a springboard to a permanent post at a higher level than he could otherwise expect. From day one he alienated people whether players, the board or fans. I almost thought he was daring the board to sack him with his constant comments.

    Let's hope we chance upon a good manager this time
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  18. lis spur
    if not Frank de Boer or Rafa what is the point?, thanks for having a go Tim and good luck.
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  19. davidmatzdorf
    [I've deleted this because what I wrote was incorrect]
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  20. MR_BEN
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