Villa appoint Tim Sherwood as manager

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by Gaz_Gammon, Feb 14, 2015.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by Gaz_Gammon, Feb 14, 2015.

  1. greaves
    Good luck to him. It will be fascinating to see how he develops. Wish him nothing but the best (except against us, of course!).
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  2. peteblue
    Yes good luck to him. He will certainly get them playing better football and maybe keep them up. Look forward to us playing them next season.
  3. mawspurs
    Good luck to him. Except when they play us.

    It'll be interesting to see how he does there.
  4. double0
    I reckon Villa have appointed a very good manager in Sherwood, good luck to him. Sherwood will get them scoring goals thats for sure.
    I predict now within a few seasons they'll start being a threat for European football qualifications.
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  5. mawspurs
    He will certainly look at giving their youth prospects a chance which in general is good for English football IMHO
  6. GetSpurredOn
    And he will provide us with a new outlet for our fringe players now Harry has left QPR....

    ...or is that just me being cynical?
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  7. millsey
    Or when we play them again this season in April!
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  8. Metalhead
    Not at all. I hope so as Walker's loan there certainly didn't do him any harm.
  9. teok
    Poor fuckers.
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  10. millsey
    He was better at Villa!
  11. Dennism
    Poor Villa. Just wait till he starts on the press conferences and starts slagging everybody off. How long will it be before he alienates the players? Got rid of one duffer and then they bring in another. Makes me appreciate Poch even more.
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  12. Metalhead
    Do you think that he shone in a lesser team?
  13. CrazyHeart
    Hooo boy... this'll be interesting. Good luck to both Villa and Tim!
  14. newbie
    Will he? it's not spurs where he new all the accademy inside out and had a point to prove. It will take him time to assess both the first team squad and accademy players. Given time I agree but it will be hard for him first few months.
  15. parklaneprince
    best of luck tim
    got a lot of unfair criticism, for telling it how it is, maybe tact was not his forte, but would prefer him at our club, instead of baldini
    gave bentaleb his chance and somehow got the best out of adebayor
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  16. chico
    Good luck to him, represented us well as a player, did a good job behind the scenes with the youth side, and took over as manager at a difficult time.
    Also, he wont keep talking about us in the press, which is a bonus!
    Great time to take Villa over, bottom 3 , but surely a decent enough squad to get them out of it, leaving him looking a hero for a while at least.
  17. Locotoro
    It will be very interesting to see who compares better? Ramsey at QPR or Sherwood at Villa.

    My money's on Ramsey
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  18. philip
    So hope they get relegated. Hate Sherwood.
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  19. Barmy_in_Palmy
    They're fucked.
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