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    Harry Kane aims to return for EPL opener

    Agreed, but I also agree with the earlier comments. I'm sure Poch and Harry will work it out between themselves.
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    New Kit 18-19

    I'll probably have the away shirt this year, but even the 3rd shirt this year looks too much like last years. 3rd shirt edit; LOL! It *IS* last years! Silly bugger!
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    Real Madrid to offer £132m AND Bale for Harry Kane

    Not enough. Bleed 'em dry. PLUS give us two or three players. AND Bale. THEN tell 'em to feck off.
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    Allen's surprise at Kane rise

    Sometimes - sometimes not. That's internet forums for you. The same words have different meanings for different people. Sentences are often more clear when spoken - the tone and pronounce of the spoken word is lost in forums.
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    Is Mauricio Pochettino the most influential coach at this World Cup?

    lol, but I thought the collective attitude of SC's was one of 'Meh, England football - don't give a toss, what's the point for Tottenham players, etc.'...or is because we're (apparently) being managed now as a team, and we're doing well?
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    Scott Parker departs

    Well that was quick!
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    Eriksen vs Modric: two little wizards duelling in the sun

    Maybe, but then I'd say that neither Croatia or Denmark, on the games' (yesterdays) performance, aren't really World Cup winners.
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    England: Alli trains as Trippier nurses minor problem

    England manager in 'common sense' shocker!
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    Alan Gilzean diagnosed with brain tumour

    Poor chap. To be honest though - brain tumour - at 79; I don't think there isn't a 'get well' on the cards at all. I'd love to be proved wrong though.
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    Tottenham enter race for Liverpool kid Rhian Brewster

    I wouldn't have thought he hasn't an agent yet - or am I wrong?
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    Fifa refuses to comment on failure of VAR to award Harry Kane two penalties

    What they'll do is rethink the whole VAR indea and/or concur that the solution was badly implemented. Or something.
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    Rose: Public reaction to depression revelations 'overwhelming'

    lol Don't worry fella - gone are the days when I wondered if anyone was against moi!
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    Rose: Public reaction to depression revelations 'overwhelming'

    Having suffered from depression in the past, it was really good to hear any of our players speaking candidly about their depression problems, and as Danny says, the amount of support from the public has been 'overwhelming', so much that he will be speaking more to the public on the topic. (So...
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    Pochettino: The Real Madrid clause doesn't exist, he won't replace Zidane

    Well, bar the 'freak' season that Leicester managed to win...