“I’m Trying To Protect Him” – Tim Sherwood explains Nabil Bentaleb omission

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Apr 30, 2014.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Apr 30, 2014.

  1. Gassin's finest
    Or it could be that you've fucked him from overplaying...
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  2. greaves
    I think that's what Sherwood is kind of saying, though not in such brutal terms? That he has suffered from being overplayed? Many fans thought that this was the case and criticised Sherwood. What's to complain about now? He has dealt with the problem. The same could have been said of Ozil, by the way, though I am not saying they are of the same type or quality.
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  3. michaelden
    It's good Timmeh recognised this and acted. Can't fault him now, just wish he's been quicker on the uptake
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  4. eddiebailey
    The fact that we are now playing Chadli as our creative centre midfield may suggest that Tim persisted with him too long through lack of options.
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  5. diamondlight
    Exactly. Sherwood likes to play two creative midfielders - we don't have many of those on our books, hence he persisted with Bentaleb until he felt that the lad was being overplayed, then rested him. Seems sensible to me.
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  6. michaelden
    Um... then why send Holtby to Fulham?
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  7. 14/04/91
    Against Fulham Chadli was as creative as a brick wall. All he did was pass back to whichever centre half played him the ball.

    If Sherwood goes, I'd say promoting Bentaleb will be his best achievement. He'll have given the new manager a real talent, easily good enough for our squad in year's to come.
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  8. double0
    Thats sensible from Sherwood with more experience he will gain more confidence and not feel the need of explaining himself in public
  9. chinaman

    Or he's been so "dim" that he didn't know until pointed out by many fans.
  10. beuller
    Yes this is it. He's been reading every post from tactical powerhouses like chinaman.

    Rather than using the 20 odd years experience gained whilst he has played and worked in football at the highest level, specifically with young players.

    That wasn't enough to help him make his own decisions on how to handle Bentaleb.

    Thank god you are here with your witty and compelling snidey one liners or else the kid would probably never had recovered from Sherwood's lack of experience in this matter.

    Cheer pal!
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  11. Dr Know
    I quite like this post but not for the reasons you may think. I got neg repped, called a fool and much more for having my say on TS. The "shitwood" label went down a storm too!!

    Now to your point

    This is the same TS we should not be disrespecting on a open forum? It seem like TS is reading every post on here going by how some have reacted!

    I may have quoted beuller but this is no way directed at him however if the cap fits...........;)
  12. diamondlight
    I knew someone would say this. Presumably because he doesn't rate Holtby, thinks he isn't particularly creative, thinks he runs around like a headless chicken, and thinks Chadli can play better than Holtby in the centre - an assumption which turned out to be pretty accurate.
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  13. michaelden
    How long has Chadli been playing in the centre under Tim? Not since January. Its a recent choice, brought about by Bentaleb being overplayed.
  14. diamondlight
    Yeah, exactly - I presume Sherwood knew in advance that if Bentaleb couldn't stay the pace then Chadli was a viable alternative.

    Obviously I could be wrong and he regrets sending Holtby to Fulham. Or maybe he knew it was a risk: trying to recall Carroll would suggest that he thought he might need creative cover in midfield.

    Whatever the explanation, I'm not sure that playing then resting Bentaleb was bad management. Personally, I'm glad that Sherwood wants to flood the centre of the park with creative players. It works for other teams, e.g. Barcelona.
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  15. Reece
    Madrid have looked much better since they lost Khedira in the middle. They're pretty much all creative now.
  16. HotspurFC1950
    Over played. You are kidding me.
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  17. Japhet
    Difference is that Madrid and Barca scare the shit out of their opponents - we don't. IMO we have looked seriously light-weight in midfield with many of Sherwood's set up, none moreso than when Bentaleb was playing every minute. There's no point having a midfield full of creative players if none of them can win the ball.
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