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Discussion in 'Spurs Chat' started by OmarsComing, Dec 22, 2011.


  1. Friedel

  2. Walker

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  4. Gallas

  5. Assou-Ekotto

  6. Sandro

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  8. Parker

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  11. Adebayor

  12. Pavlyuchenko

  1. guate

    guate Well-Known Member

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    It's Christmas guys, how about we all be nice to one another..............at least until the 1st of January. LOL
  2. StartingPrice

    StartingPrice Chief Sardonicus Hyperlip

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    Why you little...:evil:
  3. stemark44

    stemark44 Well-Known Member

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    I used to think your one saving grace was a tiny bit of football knowledge,oop's!

    Demba Ba has the best goal per game ratio in the history of the Premier League.
    If this is a player going through a bit of form then fuck my old boots!
    He has been on this form for 7 years now.

    Senior career* Years Team Apps† (Gls)† 2005–2006 Rouen 26 (22) 2006–2007 Mouscron 12 (8) 2007–2011 1899 Hoffenheim 97 (37) 2011 West Ham United 12 (7) 2011– Newcastle United 17 (14
  4. Spurs_Bear

    Spurs_Bear Well-Known Member

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    Oh wind your neck in for god sake. Too much turkey sweetheart?

    Ba is not better than Adebayor.

    Nice Wikipedia stats though.
  5. stemark44

    stemark44 Well-Known Member

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    You really are a very touchy little bear.

    Have you stopped taking your tablets?
  6. bananafish

    bananafish Banned

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    I don't really rate Walker that much atm, but in all fairness he's young, hasn't played much in the PL, and is not a natural defender in a defensive position that tends to reward experience. I think he's provided a lot of thrust going forward if only for his energy and pace to retrieve astonishing passes, and we'd probably be doing even better now if all our players had that stamina.

    I think it is unfair to compare Ba and Adebayor even though I am a big fan of both. First of all, they are different types of strikers. Ba doesn't touch the ball half as often as Adebayor does, nor does he get as many key passes or assists. What he does have is a VERY good eye for goal and aerial ability. His natural comparison should be Defoe, Bent, Chicarito, not deeper creative strikers like Ade or Suarez.

    Adebayor's finishing is awful, but he gets heavily involved in both holding up the ball and thereby relieving pressure from our midfield, and linking up play. He also likes to move out to the wings. That's critical for our team because our wingers often don't touch the ball much, so holding on to possession is sometimes an issue when we're being pressured.

    Another point is that Newcastle have set up their team around Ba, in the way that they set up their team around Carroll, who was scoring for fun until he went to a team that's not built around him. Look at how many Bent scores (over 1 in 2) when he is the centerpiece of the team.

    But also look at how many their teammates score. Has Bent ever helped his strike partner? It is rare for a top team to build a side around one player, because they have many other good players and because they often end up facing more buses - which require clever team movement rather than one player's ability to overcome.
  7. Bus-Conductor

    Bus-Conductor SC Supporter

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    Excellent post, which accurately reflects the reality of the situation. I disagree slightly about Adebayor, I don't think his finishing is awful, he invariably attempts to do the right thing, his execution is sometimes not quite 100%. And I would add that although I am clearly not enamoured with Walker, one other quality he has is tenacity, which, along with pace, are two good attributes for a full back, I just think technique wise and intelligence wise (in the footballing sense) he is very ordinary/poor.
  8. Mr Pink

    Mr Pink SC Supporter

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    Indeed, nail on the head there.

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