Bentaleb: I want big money like Eriksen and Kane to sign new deal

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, May 7, 2015.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, May 7, 2015.

  1. Gassin's finest
    Loads of quotes verifying this...
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  2. TaoistMonkey
    Well he can go f.......

    *clicks link and reads article*

    Full of quotes as usual. :rolleyes:

    *Takes off tin foil hat*
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  3. robbiedee
    ooooohhhhhh...the Express running a story based on a claim from the Evening Standard...nothing short of genius...journalism at its finest.
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  4. Everlasting Seconds
    Some times an article is actually correct. Not every single article ever written about Spurs is wrong. I'm not surprised if he wants the same salary as Kane.
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  5. slartibartfast
    So do I lol.
    This really is a non story.
    I believe a negotiation involves actually negotiating doesn't it? Not just agreeing to the first offer given.
    He should, and imo will be, on the same as Eriksen. A 30 goals a season striker? I don't think so.
    Kane will be knocking on door soon I reckon even though he's recently got new deal.
    Tis the way of the world... or agent.
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  6. LexingtonSpurs
    Headline is a bit sensational, but I doubt the gist of the article is false - after all the negotiations have dragged on a bit. This is how negotiations work - each side trying to find leverage.
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  7. LexingtonSpurs
    This may explain the recent articles linking us to Rabiot again - If Spurs and Bentaleb have reached an impasse, leaking those links to the press could be another way of exerting leverage by suggesting Rabiot is the replacement if Bentaleb is not willing to sign a long-term deal at the right price.
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  8. Block D Spurs
    He is not worth £40k a week.. simple as that.. anyway who pays a contribution to these multi million wages.... us the fans, from season tickets , merchandise purchases. So why don't we get a say as to who is paid top wages ?? a vote on official web site, would show these arrogant boys who they are really working for...
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  9. @Bobby__Lucky
    If he asked for 40, I would give him a contract for 45. In the scheme of things and in today's market, 45k for a first teamer at the top end of the prem is reasonable.
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  10. Everlasting Seconds
    Bentaleb is doing the right thing. He knows his momentum, and runs with it. What can the club say? "If you don't sign, we'll buy some french guy and offer him 70K/week" or "if you don't sign, we'll play one of the 4 CMs we want to sell this summer". He is one of only 2 CMs who are frequently playing, and he holds all the good cards.
  11. S.Mouse!
    Remind me never to let you use my ebay account.
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  12. dontcallme
    Which is how much of journalism works. They write stories that are plausible and believable, truth often doesn't come into it.

    Evening Standard ran a story yesterday that he is in negotiations. Now the Express has written a similar story and taken it a step further.

    Some journalists have good contacts and know their stuff even if they can't sometimes get quotes. I've never seen any evidence that the Express journalists write stories that turn out to be true.
  13. Spur4life
    Most of are players earm alot and have done f all this season.Like lamela,townsend,big why not pay him 45k aweek.better then paying for someone in the summer.He is young and plays his heart out,if some of you have seen him play home and away the guy never gives up.We need too get rid of bums like ade,of are books not the future of this club
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  14. Shadydan
    Put it this way if I was one of the most important players at the club and my team mate was on £100k a week for doing fuck all then I would ask for a substantial pay rise.
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  15. Block D Spurs
    He has not been man of the match, more than once this season? has not won UK PFA Young Player of the year, has not got 2 years or more at a top club in a uk or a top European league. So £40k now?.. no.... maybe this time next year. He should take £25k with a clause for an increase based on his performance next season. I can see this guy behaving like Tarrabat, thinks he is the dog's nuts, and cause problems in the squad.

    We have Dele Alli to play now, so Nabil has to step up his game.. no more 90% sideways or backwards passing / taking the easy way out of playing...
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  16. Block D Spurs
    That comment of stepping up his game, and his sideways and backwards passing goes for Mason as well
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  17. Japhet

    That's the corner the club painted themselves into when they signed Adebayor. Said at the time that his wages would cause unrest at some point. On Bentaleb, I wouldn't want to offer a 5 year bumper contract based on one and a bit seasons play. Everybody says he has potential, so in my book he has potential to earn big money when and if his potential is realised and the weaknesses in his game have been eliminated.
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  18. millsey
    Exactly. Kane scores 30 next year and he can ask for 100k plus and get it
  19. millsey
    Then you open yourself to bids from other teams and him getting pissed and leaving. The reason we've got huge money for players is long term contracts. Bentaleb starts every game for us, and I imagine will do next year. Deserves a good wage compared to team mates
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