Bentaleb: I want big money like Eriksen and Kane to sign new deal

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, May 7, 2015.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, May 7, 2015.

  1. 225
    If I were the chairmiester of spurs I would introduce a new pay scheme based on bonuses.

    Everyone in the first team is on £20k a week, plus appearance bonuses based on experience and ability. Further bonuses based on performances on top of that.

    That would sort the weak from the chaff and make all earnings fair. Would also incentivise and encourage performance from all corners of the team.
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  2. slartibartfast
    That would cause a mass fkin exodus and make it next to impossible to sign anyone remotely decent.
    You can't bring in draconian measures while other teams are offering more money.
    Nice idea in theory but totally unworkable.
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  3. jenko
    When it comes to negotiating, If he wants more money he should refer to Adebayors wages, not kanes or CEs. The guys a lightweight, HA ha
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  4. 225
    Unless it meant that high performers could earn much more.

    Imagine telling Kane he could earn £20k basic, £20k appearance and £20k per goal. He could earn £100k a week with a hattrick.

    Bobby would be skint, mind.

    That's just rough figures, but the only players it would annoy would be those who weren't worth the wage anyway
  5. Everlasting Seconds
    You would never create a fair system like that.
    "But I had many forward passes, I deserve more bonus" "but I ran like a mad man, I deserve more bonus" "but I didn't do one thing wrong, I deserve more bonus"
    "Well your passes went forward, but there were no players there" "You ran, but you didn't have one touch on the ball", "you didn't do anything wrong, but not anything right either".
    Come on, figuring out the actual pay would be impossible. The only fair system is that the player and club agree on what the player is worth – or not.
  6. 225
    It was purely an example, bonuses exist anyway for goals and clean sheets.
  7. Everlasting Seconds
    Yes, but you can't pay everybody for the amount of goals they maybe will score. Do you think Lloris would like a contract with 20K per week and bonus for goals & assists? Or Vertonghen? There is a huge difference between receiving bonus, and having 80% of your salary be bonus based. It isn't a more fair system, simply a more complicated one. Imagine saying to Lloris "you'll get 80% of your salary from clean shee bonust" "Bah, withz ze amounts of usee-lezz defenderz at ziz club, I'd rathur wush the tabeeels at Pret A Manger".
  8. 225
    No, Goalkeepers have clean sheet bonuses. Outfield players have goal bonuses. It is also common to have win bonuses. You're saying it's not fair, but it does exist.

    A fairer way would be to have, as I said, appearance fees based on experience and ability (like normal contracts tend to be). Further bonuses can be based on perhaps collective win bonuses or other factors - things to incentivise both individual and team performances.
  9. Everlasting Seconds
    There is a difference between existing bonuses and offering world class players 20k per week as a basic salary.
  10. slartibartfast
    'Tottenham midfielder Nabil Bentaleb has reportedly hit a wall in negotiations over a new deal as his salary demands are too high.'
    Hope he's still ok for the Stoke game and his hand isn't too badly bruised. :facepalm:

    I'll get my coat:unsure:
  11. @Bobby__Lucky

    I've heard a few times we actually do this effectively. In a sense where match bonus and performance bonuses are pretty key in contracts, not to the extent you are saying but nonetheless very relevant.
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  12. @Bobby__Lucky
    Ahhh come on! Play fair...I'll get you Bentaleb :D
  13. 225
    Exactly what I was getting at. I would reduce the basic and increase the bonuses though (collective win bonuses instead etc.) to give them something extra to play for.
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  14. @Bobby__Lucky

    I think it's very shrewd mentality. Means that the top earners would be earning every penny.. And the huff and puff under performers sit in the stands cheaply. Who would mind paying top dollar to MOM's and top scorers.. Money where it's due!
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  15. bsinghd
    Hasn't done enough to justify £40k a week; £30k a week would be more in line with his performances and current status in the team. Like most of our squad he doesn't do anything to change the game or make a massive impact on anything, he's good at recycling possession but mostly sideways or backwards.
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  16. 225
    It would mean that someone like Kane (who outperformers the 6 figure salary players all season) would be more evenly rewarded for his efforts and contributions, and it would give young players an incentive to play for us (as we'd pay based on performance, not who your agent is or what you've done in the past)
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  17. @Bobby__Lucky
    One of the first names on the team sheet and the best young midfielder in the prem. Played in a World Cup and African CON, do you want him to juggle plates when running with the ball?
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  18. bsinghd
    I'll disagree with you, playing at AFCON doesn't mean anything; Championship and League One players will be in these squads. I'm not a blinkered Spurs fan and don't rate either Bentaleb or Mason as highly as a lot of Spurs fans do. They're the best of a bad lot and I really hope we strengthen the midfield (after selling Capoue, Paulinho and possibly Lennon) with players that can boss the midfield and have an impact on the team in big games.

    We'll just agree to disagree on Bentaleb.
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  19. Geyzer Soze
    Should just give it to him. Hes not quite worth it & he's being cheeky with his demand, the way he's putting it etc but fair play, he's had s big enough successful ebough season to warrant it. Give him what he wants & let him justify his wage
  20. Block D Spurs
    Put this wages demand into context... A newly qualified doctor starts work at a NHS hospital,,, one year later he demands the same salary as a senior registrar / consultant. Will not happen until he had proven that he can do the same job as good as , or better than those senior to him, in his own hospital, and in neighbouring areas. Harry has done this Nabil has not.

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