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    David Ginola
    Born January 25th 1967
    100 Spurs appearances, 13 goals

    Signed for a fee of £2 million from Newcastle United in 1997, Ginola brought a touch of magic to the lane, while playing for Spurs he was named PFA Player of the Year, he also won the Football of the Year award. He also won his one English domestic trophy with Spurs, the 1999 League Cup. [ar][​IMG][/ar]

    Ginola's reputation as a handsome Gallic maverick was enhanced during his time in England when he starred in a commercial for L'Oreal hair products, and many still remember the company's slogan "Because I'm worth it" being uttered in Ginola's distinctive French accent. But make no mistake, it was his play that made the White Hart Lane fans take the talismanic Frenchman to their hearts.

    Ginola once said "White Hart Lane was always a place where I felt I belonged" and judging by the reception he received when introduced to the crowd before our anniversary game against Aston Villa, the feeling is mutual.

    He had the ability to get the crowd off of their seats just by being on the ball and whenever he went anywhere near the fans he was greeted by mass chanting of his name and reverential bowing.

    Who can forget his goal at Barnsley in the FA Cup? Very Ricky Villa-esque, a magical goal and memorable celebration, click the link to see!

    Here is a video compilation
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Discussion in 'Front Page Features' started by Archibald&Crooks, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. tRiKS
    only 13 goals... you'd think he's got 50 the way he's lauded :)

    seriously though in a poor poor spurs side he must have got 3 times that amount of assists and set up countless other chances that should have been scored. LED END of the highest order.

    he wears a shirt, with a crockrell on it.....
  2. TheChosenOne
    Because he's worth it
  3. Stoof
    He is my all-time favourite Spurs player that I've seen play. I only watched that very compilation the other day, but I will sit and post this first before again sitting back and admiring the great player he was.

    I've never been more devastated when we sold him to Villa, I always wanted to know what it would've been like with him under Hoddle, it might have seen a very different couple of mediocre years.

    His ability to beat men with the football was outstanding. When he came up against a man, you knew the odds were always in favour of him coming away the ball, the other man housing a very rouged face.

    Scored some outstanding individual goals and set-up countless others. Incredible fan favourite too - I've even read his auto-biography! Awesome he was. Awesome.
  4. barry
    Great, Great player. My favourite player ever. Had everything.

    A player of his ability should of been playing for one of the great teams in world football.
    Should of won more in his career. LEGEND.
  5. ever
    ginola is my favourite ever player, i cried when he left

    in fact he was the reason i finished with me then girlfriend, she was a brummy and a villa supoorting one at that :spits: the day after he signed for villa i went to meet her of the bus at college and she was wearing her new villa shirt with ginola on the back. i dumped her on the spot.
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  6. doowaa
    My sons middle name is David after the great man himself. He was the best of he last 20 years at Spurs, better than gazza, definately better than all of the current crop.
  7. PT
    His problem was George Graham.
  8. Defsta

  9. tRiKS
    not better than gazza
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  10. AnotherSpursFan
    Ginola symbolizes everything bout Spurs!
  11. doowaa
    Well in my opinion he was.
  12. tRiKS
    you're opinion is rubbish then. I will remember that for future debate's
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  13. miles_64
    My favourite Spurs player of all time. I got pretty emotional watching that compilation (although the quality was rather poor). I think I might get Ginola on the back of my next spurs shirt.
  14. miles_64
    Oh, and I have to say - BRING HIM BACK (in a coaching capacity, although I suppose we do have Ricardo Moniz, well, what the heck!)
  15. doowaa
    And I'll remember not to pay your mama next time:razz:
  16. Mornstar
    an absolute genius. During those sugar/francis/gross/graham years, he was the one ray of light. What a player.
  17. tRiKS
    everyone knows she does it for free.

    ginola better than gazza :rofl: you're a Clown!
  18. justfookinhitit
    And we only paid £2m for him !!!

    Makes today's transfer prices seem even crazier .........
  19. doowaa
    Then she owes me 20p.

    But anyway, Ginola still better than gazza.

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