Tim Sherwood: Spurs would take my win percentage now

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Nov 14, 2014.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. Lufti
    Your win percentage maybe but not you Tim.

    That said, some of his comments there are very fair
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  2. thinktank
    It's never gonna end is it....

    It totally blows my mind that people want this xxxx back here.

    All he does is snipe and snide on our club...for a living!

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  3. tiger666
    I'd take his win % now too.
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  4. eddiebailey
    The bitterness or otherwise of Tim's comments is difficult to judge given the lack of context provided by the article, though with unintentionl irony the article itself comes across as nothing more than a bitter dig at Tim.
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  5. JonnySpurs
    he's just such an insufferable prick. Whether he did a good job or not, i simply don't like the guy.

    he can fuck off
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  6. talkshowhost86
    What a flange.
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  7. thinktank
    Best description yet.
  8. striebs
    Tim was a very decent manager for us .

    I can't believe how people are so quick to savage him .

    Spurs fans are becoming like Levy and Lewis .
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  9. Kiedis
    Tim won the Adebayor lottery. If Poch could do the same and get a seven game spell where Ades conversion rate were better than Messi and Ronaldo, then I reckon he wouldn't be far off the oh so impressive win percentage.
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  10. bigspurs
    Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but WTF?!
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  11. CrazyHeart
    What about your loss percentage Tim, or your shambolic record in the cups?
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  12. nav007_2000
    Bus Wanker
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  13. Dennism
    The win percentage yes. You never. The comments after you left Spurs are as inappropiate as the ones made when you were here.
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  14. Mullers
    He said nothing wrong at all, the fact is Levy sacked a manager that got us 6th.
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  15. Kendall
    As if you guys wouldn't do the same. The guy has every right to be smug and should take every opportunity to remind Levy.
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  16. talkshowhost86
    Maybe he should be spending his time looking for a job.
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  17. thinktank
    You mean Mr Win Percentage isn't being pursued???

    I don't understand.
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  18. eddiebailey
    You don't think that when he blows his own trumpet like this that that is precisely what he is doing?
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  19. talkshowhost86
    I'm fairly certain Tim is the sort of person who blows his own trumpet 100% of the time regardless of whether there is a reporter in front of him or not.
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