Tim Sherwood: Spurs would take my win percentage now

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Nov 14, 2014.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. SpurSince57
    Yes. So clearly Sherwood got some important things right.
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  2. Metalhead
    He certainly did get things right. It's clear his sacking does rankle with him still. He wasn't treated very well though so I guess I can understand it.
  3. CrazyHeart
    Yes, some players play well for a while when they've been given guaranteed starts, no matter what. After that they get lazy or complacent.
  4. CrazyHeart
    AVB got a higher points total than Harry in his previous year. Other teams had also strengthened so he was up against it more than Harry. Missing fourth by the slimmest of margins was down to other results, considering that AVB got the highest points total our club has ever achieved in a season.

    This time last year, AVB had almost double the league points Poch has. If he was so bad, why are you not calling for Poch to be sacked?
  5. CrazyHeart
    Yeah, we finished fourth but missed a UEFA Champions League spot. Under AVB we got the highest points total EVER as club and missed fourth by a slim margin.

    If you think top four is the minimum expectation of any manager, why are you not calling for Poch's head right now?
  6. Everlasting Seconds
    Tell you what, after the last weeks what I'd take in a heart beat is AVB's loss percentage.
  7. SpurSince57
    And Sherwood's average PPG beat AVB's.
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  8. SpurSince57
    AVB's? Hell, I'd take Christian Gross's.
  9. CrazyHeart
    Christ! I cannot believe how myopic some people are - there was a bigger picture in which progress and grinding out results was more important than playing the prettiest football. I guess entertainment value supersedes our need for a higher league position and any prospect of integration. Jeez...

    I'll take a few ugly games for the greater good of the team, if it means stability and setting a foundation for long-term success. Too bad others here won't.

    @SpurSince57 - Since AVB had almost double the league points as Poch this time last year, and you obviously wanted him out... Does this now mean you want Poch out? If not, why not?
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  10. CrazyHeart
    Yeah, after capitalizing on AVB's work of getting the team working together. Sherwood's approach was a brute force, gung-ho non-sustainable trick that worked for a few games and as predicted, didn't stand a chance for longevity. He also had an inspired Ade, after getting him out of jail and promising him the earth (which he delivered on, and Poch wishes to continue).

    What about Sherwood's loss ratio, or the fact that we were playing lottery football under him and it only took lucky goals to win? You honestly wanted Sherwood to stay?
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  11. CrazyHeart
    Dude - there's definitely an argument to be made there with Harry. The thing that did it for me was his whoring out for the England job which obviously interfered with our own progress which is unacceptable. In my opinion, I agree with Klinsmann that we need a Wenger / Fergie type of manager and neither of those two would pimp like that! AVB was that guy, in it for the long haul, conducted himself professionally, did what he had to, to grind out results while integrating a motley crew of recently arrived cowboys and had the support of his senior players. I was good with a few slow games if that's what was needed.

    Jol - Ah, yes... too long ago so he doesn't count!
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  12. SpurSince57
    As a matter of fact, I didn't. At this point, I don't want Pochettino out either, although I reserve the right to alter that opinion if there isn't a major improvement over the next few games.
  13. Blake Griffin
    interestingly. in the 26 games that pulis was in charge of palace last season he gained 38 points. in the same time frame poch's southampton side gained 34. since then half of southampton's squad have been sold off/valued at 20m+ a pop, how many of the crystal palace players pulis was working with would command that kind of fee? i'm not sure their entire squad would even come to much more than that.
  14. eddiebailey
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  15. SteveH
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  16. Everlasting Seconds
    He lost exceedingly often, so if that's a joke, I'm not quite getting it.
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  17. CrazyHeart
    Fair play...
  18. SpurSince57
    I believe 38% is generally acknowledged to be a smaller figure than 40%. Just.
  19. jolsnogross
    Poch is only 11 games in. If he had a season already under his belt, I'd probably be bristling a bit more.

    I'm concerned about his approach, which appears far too AVB-like when you consider his rigid formation, the constant whining about him not getting whatever 27 million pound player everyone thinks he's after, and the idea of "working on the defence" first (and not working on the attack because of it). I hope thinktank is right about him - that we'll see proper attacking footy and decent progress in the latter half of this season.

    But I haven't seen anything from him at spurs just yet to be optimistic. He's got his work cut out for him and he's been too cautious so far. It's quite possible he won't improve on AVB, in which case I'd expect his tenure to be about as long. AVB entered his second season on the back of a 5th place finish. So I wouldn't recommend that Poch keep plodding along toward a 12th place finish and expect patience to be in abundant supply ten games into next season.

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