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    Spurs' Tunnel Club explained

    Footballer's wives club might be worth a try
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    Kane: Spurs want Premier League title for Ugo Ehiogu

    Looks like the journalist has asked him if we want to win the title for Ugo. He has replied "Of course we'll do everything we can to win the league for him
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - The Cough Up Edition 18th July 2013

    Thank you to all of SC for making this site what it is and the most entertaining transfer window coverage available. £20 donated. :)
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    Absolutely Brilliant Lineker Goal I'd Never Seen

    I was at this game and remember those two goals. The first one actually comes off his hand but the build up play was exceptional and one of the best Spurs performances I had seen in a long time. I think the controversy with de Wolf at the Lane, which I was lucky enough to go to as well, was...
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    So emotional..... I can barely understand....

    Lyrical genius :grin: Cheers Dimi, made me smile, I sort of pictured you reciting it in this fashion
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    William Gallas. What a warrior.

    I know you meant no offence by that but that really upset me. Terrace humour is always a bit tongue in cheek, but that is way below the belt.
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    Would You Rather We Played At Wembley For Champs League ??

    Can't we just slant the advertising boards at a slight angle, a bit like this: ¦\ It would still look bigger from most camera angles. In fact their peculiarity may draw even more attention :grin:
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    The Final - Villa or Chelsea?

    I'm pretty certain there was a rule change this year, which meant that the runners up no longer qualified for Europe. To qualify you have to win the cup, or qualify through the league. If the cup winner is already in Europe then their place goes to the league...
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    Team News - Official

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    Outside the area

    That's because we can't play against ourselves. :grin:
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    Visual Awareness Coach - Sheryl Calder

    The coaching staff at Spurs may already be aware of these training techniques and implementing them right now, without having to hire Dr Calder. ... just a thought. Even so it does sound intresting.
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    Bought all 4 kits this season? Now get the 5th!

    Yes, it's new. It came out around Christmas time.
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    Pub to watch the game.

    Quinn's in Kentish Town (near Camden Town), North London. They should be showing the game.
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    Through The Fixture Jungle with John Alexander

    Great work as usual, BOF. Keep it up.
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    Greece 1 - 4 Turkey

    I can see the irony Bethnal, but there is no need to rub it in :-)