Ratings vs Partizan Belgrade

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  1. Lloris

    13 vote(s)
  2. Davies

    1 vote(s)
  3. Verts

    60 vote(s)
  4. Fazio

    39 vote(s)
  5. Naughton

    2 vote(s)
  6. Bentaleb

    11 vote(s)
  7. Stambouli

    50 vote(s)
  8. Lennon

    3 vote(s)
  9. Paulinho

    0 vote(s)
  10. Townsend

    4 vote(s)
  11. Kane

    0 vote(s)
  12. Lamela

    2 vote(s)
  13. Soldado

    2 vote(s)
  14. Capoue

    0 vote(s)
  15. No one

    14 vote(s)
  1. Bulletspur

    Bulletspur The Reasonable Advocate

    Ratings Received:
    +7,991 / 542 / -164
    I can see that the Verts and Fazio partnership has a lot of potential

    I also like what I have seen of Stambouli

    Davies is not ready to replace Rose

    I think I may have over estimated Kane

    Keep Lamela wrapped in cotton wool

    No further comments
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  2. SargeantMeatCurtains

    SargeantMeatCurtains nobody

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    +21,728 / 608 / -360
    Davies 2
    Townsend 2
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  3. beats1

    beats1 Well-Known Member

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    +21,611 / 631 / -123
    Seriously, mate?

    Townsend was probably our best attacking threat(doesnt make it good) and seems to get hate for his bad passing however he was probably one of the best passers today(it was that bad)
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2014
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  4. Strikeb4ck

    Strikeb4ck Well-Known Member

    Ratings Received:
    +6,097 / 531 / -88
    Lloris - Nothing to do.
    Naughton - 5
    Vertonghen - 7
    Fazio - 7
    Davies - 3.5
    Stambouli - 7
    Bentaleb - 5.5
    Townsend - 3.5
    Lennon - 3.5
    Paulinho - 3.5
    Kane - 3.5
    Lamela - 5.5
    Soldado - 4
    Capoue - NET

    Hard to judge on that pitch but a pretty drab performance.
  5. dude573

    dude573 Active Member

    Ratings Received:
    +1,389 / 43 / -6
    Lloris - 7 (Not much to do, but did what he needed.)
    Naughton - 6 (Not many mistakes, but no where near consistent)
    Fazio - 6 (Quite sound, but had a few lapses in concentration.)
    Vertonghen - 7 (Good performance, but not his best)
    Davies - 4 (Not ready, but should keep playing in Europe)
    Stambouli - 7 (Good, I think the dynamism he offers will grow)
    Bentaleb - 6 (Average, but has a lot of quality at times)
    Townsend - 6 (A good threat, but needs to do so much more to fully prove his worth.)
    Paulinho - 5 (I get the impression he has given up on his Spurs career. Hope I am wrong)
    Lennon - 5 (Standard Lennon really)
    Kane - 5 (Same as Townsend really)

    Lamela - 6 (Flashes of quality again, but we need more.)
    Soldado - 5 (Decent, but nothing special)
    Capoue - NET

    A very boring game of football, it seemed as if we were waiting for them to tire, but in reality we looked the most fatigued at the end of the game. None of the subs changed the game, but I'd rather Lamela concentrate in the league. I ask the question whether that front three (Lennon, Townsend, Paulinho) can play the style Poch wants? The interchanges were no where near as smooth as we have gotten used to. It was an awful pitch, rough atmosphere and a bit of a nuisance game, but a point isn't the worst result.
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  6. nssmuckers

    nssmuckers Active Member

    Ratings Received:
    +902 / 23 / -2
    Pretty meh across the board.

    I have to say, I watched a fair amount of Swansea last season and I never once got the impression that Ben Davies was running in quicksand, but he seemed shockingly slow this match. It looked like he wasn't even trying. He's a smart young player who will need some time but it's surprising how physically limited he seems to be.

    Midfield was fine...Stambouli better than Bentaleb but neither was poor. Central defenders were excellent, with Fazio's error on the throw-in being the one exception. Naughton was Naughton...didn't really do a lot wrong but did nothing particularly exciting.

    Kane and Lennon were shocking, Townsend was better than them but was still basically Townsend. Paulinho had a few moments of brilliance but was mostly invisible.

    Soldado never got into the game, Erik looked promising and eager to get on the ball.
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  7. danielneeds

    danielneeds Kick-Ass

    Ratings Received:
    +23,177 / 451 / -116
    Please never ever play Townsend and Lennon together again.
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  8. Blake Griffin

    Blake Griffin Well-Known Member

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    +26,229 / 1,081 / -376
    vertonghen was the best, even if he isn't new.
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  9. kaz Hirai

    kaz Hirai Well-Known Member

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    +13,306 / 537 / -162
    Vertonghen looked the best, fazio and stambouli were ok.

    Everyone else really struggled , that pitch certainly didn't help
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  10. eddiebailey

    eddiebailey Well-Known Member

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    +5,438 / 422 / -118
    well not in that formation anyway
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  11. danielneeds

    danielneeds Kick-Ass

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    +23,177 / 451 / -116
    Never. Please never.
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  12. mpickard2087

    mpickard2087 Fantastic Member

    Ratings Received:
    +21,222 / 554 / -229
    Lloris - Did what he had to do.

    Naughton - Naughton.
    Fazio - A few inexplicable mistakes from throw ins... Second half did pretty well though and won a couple of important headers from set pieces.
    Vertonghen - Best player on the pitch for us. Defended well.
    Davies - Absolute shocker. Early days but that wasn't good.

    Townsend - Limited to what he (frustratingly) does, but was ok. Always wants the ball which you cant knock.
    Stambouli - Put himself about, worked hard.
    Bentaleb - Good first half. Dipped in the second though. Again though, didn't hide and kept wanting the ball.
    Lennon - Lennon.

    Paulinho - A couple of decent touches but looks completely lost playing No.10 and with his back to the game a lot of the time.
    Kane - Isolated for long spells, not a good day at the office though. Didn't look quite right. Unlucky with the shot that hit the bar.

    Lamela - Bright to start with but nothing of any note to show for it.
    Soldado - One good cross, but then struggled to get involved.
    Capoue - Didn't offer a great deal extra when he came on.

    Shit pitch, shit game. Team played largely as was expected given the personnel - we lacked ideas.
  13. davidmatzdorf

    davidmatzdorf Front Page Gadfly

    Ratings Received:
    +14,479 / 455 / -386
    Lloris - 6 - 1 good save, another excellent save from an offside attack, good command of his area (meaning the entire defensive half), unreliable distribution as usual.

    Naughton - 6.5 - good , calm defensive display, as is becoming usual now that he is playing in his correct position.

    Vertonghen - 6.5 - solid defending and a good foray forward.

    Fazio - 7 - except for one severe brain-fart after 22 minutes, when he apparently thought he was 7'-0" tall, not 6'-5", a commanding performance. Spurs MotM.

    Davies - 5 - just about OK I guess, but not much to offer going forward and caught out of position a few times. He's not going to dislodge the revivified Rose on the strength of this performance.

    Stambouli - 6.5 - reliable and efficient.

    Bentaleb - 6 - not really noticeable - did his job, held things together.

    Townsend - 6.5 - I thought this was the best display from Townsend since before his injury - he was our best attacking player in the first half, despite being fortunate to avoid a couple of yellow cards. He usually passed instead of running into dead ends and he troubled their fullback enough for him to be substituted. Taken off by Pochettino at the right moment.

    Lennon - 6 - stellar covering play, but little to offer going forward. Saved us conceding a goal at one point.

    Paulinho - 5 - started well, faded very early. Meh.

    Kane - 6 - starved of service, because of a lack of creativity from Lennon and Paulinho. Did OK on the occasions when he actually had the ball.

    Lamela - 5.5 - minimal contribution, except for a couple of nifty touches

    Soldado - 6 - good team play, but arguably it should have been Kane trying to set him up, rather than the other way around.

    Capoue - NET

    The pitch - 3
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  14. ultimateloner

    ultimateloner Well-Known Member

    Ratings Received:
    +897 / 242 / -16
    CBs look ok. Wingers still can't create. Nothing new there.
    Losing hope in Paulinho. Doesn't play the forward and takes too long to pick his pass.
  15. jezz

    jezz Well-Known Member

    Ratings Received:
    +7,465 / 481 / -237
    Paul has only played twice and scored in his last game.
  16. nferno

    nferno EarthVorm Jim

    Ratings Received:
    +3,308 / 236 / -117
    Rose is gonna go back to his old self after seeing that performance from Davies, got nothing to worry about now.
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  17. ultimateloner

    ultimateloner Well-Known Member

    Ratings Received:
    +897 / 242 / -16
    Just judging what i saw from this game.
    I'm worried for him. He is a Brazillian international..he shouldn't be so low in the pecking order. Today he got to play in AM, what i think would have suited him. However the attacking unit looks laboured. I dont think it's raw pace/physqiue per se. I noticed he takes a long time to pick out players and by the time he made his mind up the defence has re-grouped, so he is forced to pass sideways. This isn't a good thing. You can't train your football brain at his age. And to be an AM for us you need brains.
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  18. jezz

    jezz Well-Known Member

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    +7,465 / 481 / -237
    I agree he wasn't great tonight, but was anybody?
    I've played on better pitches on a Sunday morning.
    He's here till Jan at least, I'm sure he will get better.
  19. ilikeost

    ilikeost Falcao, goodnight.

    Ratings Received:
    +7,819 / 427 / -200
    I think some of them did okay, Fazio and Vertonghen were our best players.

    Paulinho is done in my book, I think I've been patient enough and apart from 45 minutes against Stoke he has been bad/mediocre at best.

    Lennon, isn't good enough anymore. He does NOTHING.

    Townsend, Kane and Davies also had a bad game.
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  20. CrazyHeart

    CrazyHeart Well-Known Member

    Ratings Received:
    +2,854 / 257 / -77
    In this game Kane, Davies and Townsend proved why they shouldn't be first choice anything! The introduction of Soldado and Lamela livened up the game and Stambouli was great during his time on the pitch. Paulinho looked deflated and really needs to get his shit together - he was just too darn slow! Fazio was composed and looks like he's comfortable in a Spurs jersey, which was good to see.

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