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    Keep it up JJ!!!

    Jenas is one of those players who imo tend to develop later on in their careers - maybe he'll never be spectacular, but he fills an important role for us and we often look worse without him. He looked good alongside Palacios last season and I think more playing time will help their partnership...
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    Bale and the Premierleague

    I agree, it's too much to expect a 19-yo without much experience and some terrible luck with injuries to be very good defensively, especially since he's naturally an attacking fullback. Luckily we have BAE so we don't have to drop Bale in the deep end and ruin his confidence. Some more cup games...
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    More bad news for Defoe on the family front

    oh no :( poor JD :cry: hopefully his dad will get well soon!
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    Chelsea Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    COYS!! :beer: not too fussed about the result tbh (which could hinge on some random luck), just want to see a much improved, committed performance from us :grin:
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    Didier Zokora's personality

    Don't think much of him as a player, but I'm still very fond of him and wish more had his attitude towards the club. Hope he's doing well at Sevilla!
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    GDS nightclub club ban fall out (WAG does the dirty)

    He could do better :shrug: Apparently he was pretty crazy about her before though, rumors in Mexico were that he was spending too much time with her rather than focusing on football. Kick her to the curb and suddenly his form for Mexico becomes much better :lol:
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    New training method for spurs. Need help to introduce it

    Oh, are you studying at Shaolin right now? In China or in the UK? I prefer the softer styles like Wudangquan (to look at and admire - I can barely run, much less fight :lol:), but that would take forever to learn. The 'iron leg' thing is a bit of an exaggeration (obviously your bones would...
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    Craig bellamy

    Bellamy is a good player, but I wouldn't be happy seeing him here at his price and age. I guess Harry likes his nastiness, but I don't. There are plenty of players who would do much better than Keane if shoved to the left wing/wing-forward. Kranjcar, theoretically, for one. Keane did decent...
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    Pav has a little of the Matthew Le Tissier about him

    They don't even play in the same position :lol: Le Tiss is hardly the only example of a lazy player. And he was unbelievably gifted, so comparisons with Pav or the vast majority of other footballers are just silly. There are plenty of footballers who aren't working hard enough to fulfill...
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    Premiership 12/13th

    Bent's taking penalties for them though - think he's had 2 already. Not sure how many he's scored in open play. Adebayor would be my bet to finish top scorer. Rooney should be up there this season, Bent if he keeps getting penalties could challenge. And JD of course, though I think his...
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    Arsenal: the wheels have fallen off

    No, l'Arse are still a much better team than us, they have individuals who are underrated and as a team are better than the sum of their parts. Their main issue is mentality and their tendency to go on inconsistent runs - looking brilliant when on song, followed by a few crap games. Manyoo and...
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    Tottenham Hotspur Vs Manchester United: Match Thread

    Well, at least this highlights some of our weaknesses to Harry. It's not a terrible thing to lose a game - esp to last year's champions - but the most important thing is learning from the performance and bouncing back the next game, like Liverpool have after us and Villa. Against top-class...
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    Palacios was most likely taken off since he was on a yellow, and he had just gotten back a day earlier after a late game and a long flight. Iirc, he usually has a poor game after internationals (he was subbed by the second half under Bruce too), probably doesn't travel well. I prefer Jenas and...
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    Pav has a little of the Matthew Le Tissier about him

    He started 19 league games last season and had 28 appearances in the league in total, scoring five goals. We were struggling terribly with a strike pairing of Bent and Pav in winter. When he did well against West Ham as a sub, Harry brought him back as a starter against Citeh and West Brom at...
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    Archibald on SO

    Hm, not so sure about this. Don't the Brazilians still think Lucas is awesome? I just hope we've thoroughly checked everything about this guy, including his attitude and mentality. I do trust Harry's judgment when it comes to DMs though. He's not similar to Hudd at all iirc, passing is not his...