World Cup Match Thread - Semi-Final - Wednesday

Discussion in '2014 WORLD CUP' started by DuDe, Jul 9, 2014.

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    Agree with a lot of that and you're right regarding Brazil in that first half.

    All that being I still think they'll have too much for Argentina. The German midfield is just so impressive and that's where games are won and lost most of the time.

    Masherano was excellent last night but he was up against light weights compared to the challenge the Germans present.

    The only way I see Argentina winning is if they restrict the Germans completely and Messi comes to the fore - big style.

    But I just don't see them containing a powerful, well oiled machine like Germany.
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    I think it's set up nicely. I've been quietly impressed by Argentina. Disappointing going forward, but they seem tough to beat, and a lot more organised than they have been in the past. Germany have been very good throughout the tournament, but it's possible that they might be over-confident after thrashing a pretty mediocre Brazil.

    Of course it could also send them into the final with some incredible self-belief, so it could go either way. The same could be said for how Messi might perform. Is he going to be more 'real Ronaldo' of '98, or 'real Ronaldo' of '02? Will he fold under the pressure of the occasion, or thrive?

    I think Germany will edge it (they've been my tip for the trophy since the beginning), but when you've got Messi in your team, anything is possible.
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    Good thing betting isn't legal in the US:whistle:

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