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    The Fighting Cock podcast

    I miss Cock on Ball
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    Tottenham force penniless non-league club Fleet Spurs to change badge

    This is an upshot of trademark law. If you don't actively "protect" your trademarks, you lose them. So if THFC allow Fleet Spurs to use the Cockerel they are effectively surrendering their trademark on the image.
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    The real reason why we are not third...

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    Reasons why you....

    I am big and red. My avatar is a picture of something else that is big and red.
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    Gareth Bale

    Bale does look lazy now. Last season we were pulling out Opta stats from all over the place to show how he covered the most ground of any Premier League player in any game ever or some such. I wonder what those statistics show now. He looks disinterested when the opposition have the ball and...
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    Had it coming..... My summary!

    But you say it with such certainty and talk of "basic stuff". It all looks basic with hindsight, but it looked to me like we were 2-0 up in this game and certain players thought it was all wrapped up and they didn't need to defend. I think Harry got the subs very wrong today, but hopefully he...
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    Well Done Kyle Walker & Brad Friedel

    You don't really have to be "in control of the game" against Arsenal though. At 2-0 up we should have been able to let them have posession and then hit them on the break. The trouble was that we were defensively horrendous, and I think a lot of that came from two of our four midfielders (Bale...
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    Had it coming..... My summary!

    When Harry goes to be England manager Spurs should hire antlesh to replace him. He has all the answers!
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    New training centre pictures
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    New training centre pictures

    It's not SMouse anymore. It's S dot Mouse exclamation mark! So, is this in Enfield? Is it that site off the A10? Or is it somewhere completely different? This information is, as you can imagine, vital to me as I live in a city with an average annual rainfall of 1240mm.
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    Nelsen Signs

    If nothing else, it meant Spurs got a mention on the news here, which was nice :)
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    This must be a petition by bitter Wet Spammers

    Didn't Arsenal get public money for the Emirates? Should they pay that back?
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    Martin Jol?

    Jol = Europa League. Very exciting when we first made it there but we now consider it beneath us and rightly so. Redknapp = Champions League. High stakes, difficult to get to grips with and involves a lot of ego, but it would be awful to let it go!
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    Martin Jol?

    I heard plenty of Harry Redknapp's blue and white army along with the BMJ song. Don't see what all the fuss is about.
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    Hoddle for Tottenham Manager

    The current Brighton dream team of Mauricio Taricco and Gus Poyet will be in charge at Spurs before too long anyway.