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    Sander Berge

    There’s been some discussions here about his tempo. He looks fairly slow, but his test results show he’s quite quick. Genks fastest player, in fact. The link under is in norwegian, but the graphics should be understandable in english as well. 4,7 sec in 40 meters (comparable to John Carews test...
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    Andre Gomes

    He played something like two games as a right back though... and personally I don't think he was more than ok there. His best games, by far I'd say, was in the Busquets role. But his confidence was shot to pieces quite early. Let's hope he gets a good start, IF he is to come to Spurs. There is...
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    Andre Gomes

    No, I don't think so. He didn't play as a 10 for Valencia either, and according to Transfermarkt he didn't play as 10 for Benfica before he went to Valencia either. He is a 6 or a 8, and in Tottenham I really cannot see him anywhere else than in Dembeles position. But we saw last weekend that...
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    Andre Gomes

    I watch every Barcelona game, as they're my second team, so to say. Andre Gomes is a quite silky midfielder with good passing ability and quite good vision with the ball. A good ball carrier as well. However, he's really slow and tend to be outmuscled even in La Liga. I really can't see him...
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    Serge Aurier

    Don't think it's that easy. Italias clubs are only allowed to sign two non-EU players from clubs outside Italy per season. Juve have already signed Douglas Costa and Rodrigo Bentancur this summer. So as far as I know, Juve can't sign Aurier this summer, even if they were to free up non-EU spots...
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    Anthony Martial

    Nah, starting to REALLY look forward to the coming season ;)
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 18th August 2017

    If we sign either Martial, Lemar or Balde I'll chop my cock off and use it as a buttplug for the rest of the season. Seriously exciting next couple of weeks!
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    Carles Aleñá

    Yep. After Barca B won promotion two days ago, Alena said in his post match interview that "I have told my agent not to talk to other clubs, because I want to stay here". This is an absolute no-goer, sadly. AS is a Madrid paper, btw. Not very trustworthy when it comes to Barcelona, to say the least.
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    Kyle Walker

    Possibly big news around the corner here. Dani Alves is widely reported to join City, and Higuain even posted a goodbye video, before deleting it. Goal says they still want Walker, though, but surely this must increase the chances of Walker staving at Spurs. Alves aint leaving to be second...
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    Thomas Lemar

    Hmm.. was just randomly browsing bluemoon, as someone posted Walker info from there earlier tonight. In their Alexis Sanchez-thread they were discussing Lemar, for some reason, and someone posted "Was at Spurs training ground today" as a response to him being linked to Tottenham. I also saw...
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 29th June 2015

    Is it the ITK starting with "I have no idea what he's asking for" that makes people jump to the conclution that Bentaleb is demanding £80k a week to sign his new contract? As far as I've seen, no ITK clearly states what Bentaleb is asking? Might as well be him asking 50 and the club offering...