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Discussion in 'Spurs Chat' started by OmarsComing, Mar 24, 2012.


  1. Freidel

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  2. Walker

  3. Kaboul

  4. King

  5. Assou-Ekotto

  6. Sandro

  7. Parker

  8. Modric

  9. Bale

  10. Van Der Vaart

  11. Adebayor

  12. Saha

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  13. Livermore

  1. PrettyColors

    PrettyColors Well-Known Member

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    +2,466 / 117 / -42
    Umm, Walker was by far our best player.

    Friedel 6 - Wish he'd come off his line more. A bit rooted to the spot on the Mata free kick. But not a bad game.

    Walker 8.5 - Kept Sturridge quiet and didn't put a foot wrong. Won so many cross and set piece headers as well.

    Gallas 7- Don't see the fuss tbh. Yes he was good but not great, he made a couple mistakes (the Mata thing, and outmuscled by Drogba a lot.) But good leadership and an overall solid performance.

    Kaboul 7 - Very beastly in the air, made some mistakes but he and Gallas were good.

    Ekotto 7 - Happy birthday you legend!!!

    Sandro 6.5 - looked a tad rusty to be honest. Still was pretty effective though.

    Parker 7.5 - Solid performance, ran all day as always. Made a couple vital tackles.

    Modric 7.5 - 9 in the second half, 6 in the first.

    VDV 7 - Worked hard. Good effort. should have scored though and I feel like he needs to play quicker.

    Bale 7 - So greedy. Stop shooting from outside the box and get your head up son. Most dangerous player though.

    Adebayor 7.5 - Ran his ass off, made intelligent runs, held the ball up well, but bottled his chance. Sigh.

    Saha 6.5 better than defoe would have done, he worked hard and made some passes.

    Livermore 6.5 well he's just a solid player.

    No bad performances today really.
  2. lukespurs7

    lukespurs7 Well-Known Member

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    +3,557 / 394 / -209
    Friedel 6-Pretty solid throughout, not much to do.

    Walker 7-Such a good full-back, kept Sturridge quiet, got forward well,excellent.
    Gallas 8-Not a foot wrong, lead from the back, such an under-rated player.
    Kaboul 7-Dealt quite well with Drogba.
    BAE 6-Decent game, good passing as usual, nothing good or bad.

    Sandro 6-Worked hard, used the ball well, solid
    Parker 7-Good controlled game from him, suits that formation.
    Modric 7-Better from him, created a few good chances, lovely step-overs making Luiz etc look like mugs.

    Bale 7-Lively, a few good attempts, deserved to score with the free-kick.
    VDV 7-Linked play well, popped up in good spaces, tidy performance, should have scored though.
    Ade-8.5-MOTM for me, deserved a goal if he'd just hit it cleaner, great block though from Cahill. But generally worked very hard, held ball up well, ran at defenders, had everything except a goal today.

    Harry-8 Good line-up. Tactically spot on, got the lads up for this and slowly hopefully we are getting out of this slump.

    COYS. Good point, deserved 3 though.
  3. lillywhites61

    lillywhites61 SC Supporter

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    +2,360 / 38 / -9
    Ade was MoM for me today. Held the ball up well, picked out good passes, good movement and made a few excellent runs, the only thing missing was a goal but to be fair the whole team are to blame for that, far too many squandered chances.

    Also the whole back for we're up there as well. Little shaky every now and then but on the whole good performance.
  4. theShiznit

    theShiznit Well-Known Member

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    +10,886 / 220 / -55
    love bc's now standard "modric not closing" speil

    Sure Dawson would've got the same kind comments from allowing 3 50 yard balls to drop over his head although it was "clever movement" and "poor closing" from of course Modric. :roll:

    Sandro needs game time, is well off the pace, nice to have Ade back, thought Benny was good again, starting many moves, one slack period in the corner where Kaboul delayed a pass to him too long then passed it when not really on.
    everyone else was fair to good...
  5. Riandor

    Riandor SC Supporter

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    +7,510 / 117 / -27
    Ade grew into the game well, but I thought bale and modric were ineffectual until late in the game.

    Galas was excellent, commited and fought from the back.

    Some very poor passing though, we gave the ball away too cheaply too often and the pressing to get it back was dire at times.

    Good to see VdV back in the team and he was good too.

    Sandro was ok, but parkers defensive qualities showed why he is still the better pick, though sandro will be good.

  6. southlondonyiddo

    southlondonyiddo Well-Known Member

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    +3,624 / 374 / -174
    First 30mins Ade was his normal self of late but the last hour he was fantastic and we bossed them as soon as our Centre Forward started playing

    Had Chelski not had Cahill today we'd have done them

    A word for VDV too. He's come back from injury and is working his socks off which has started to rub off on some others
  7. phil

    phil Well-Known Member

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    +641 / 21 / -5
    I chose Kaboul as my MoM but in truth it could have been him, Parker, Gallas, Walker or Ade. They all excelled in a very disciplined Spurs performance. I hope that we don't live to regret the missed chances.

    Friedel 6 - Quiet game

    Walker 8 - Excellent especially in defence. Should have done better with his chance early in the second half.

    Kaboul 8 - Won most of the balls in the air.

    Gallas 8 - Welcome back. Great to see him organising the defence (and attacking free kicks). Let's hope he stays fit until the end of the season.

    BAE 5 - Gave the ball away too often and could easily have been sent off for his challenge in the second half.

    Parker 8 - Return to form.

    Sandro 6 - A bit rusty but improved as the game went on.

    VdV 7 - Worked hard

    Modric 7 - Better as the game went on.

    Bale 7 - Awful first half but a lot better in the second.

    Ade 8 - Worked his socks off but really should have scored when he rounded Cech. Just wish that just once in a while he would hit the bloody ball instead of trying to stroke it into the net.

    Saha 6 - O.k.

    Livermore 6 - O.k.
  8. Blake Griffin

    Blake Griffin Well-Known Member

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    +26,578 / 1,082 / -376
    friedel 6

    walker 7
    gallas 7.5
    kaboul 6
    ekotto 7

    sandro 6.5
    parker 7
    modric 7

    vdv 7
    bale 7
    ade 8

    saha 6
    livermore 6

    harry - picked the right team
  9. sloth

    sloth Well-Known Member

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    +7,063 / 170 / -64
    In a weird sort of way that was one of our best performances of the season - particularly in the context of our recent form - though perhaps 'balanced' performance is a better description.

    I agree with BBLG (I think?) who said Sandro was a bit rusty. To that I'd add that everyone seemed slightly rusty in the set-up and how to play it.

    Which makes it all the more impressive that we did so well. I hope that fromn now on this line-up will be the default; my concern is that Harry played it to "match up" Chelsea's three and because he considers it more defensive against a strong team. If that's the case then imo he's wrong, we created more chances today against a strong Chelsea away from home, then we have in recent games against weaker teams at home, playing a supposedly more attacking formation. In my opinion it's not attack or defence, instead it's simply balance.

    Credit to Harry and the team for today. Hopefully that stops the rot.
  10. Mr Pink

    Mr Pink SC Supporter

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    That's what he should be taking from the game today.

    The second half performance was very strong, and on another day we could of won that 2 or 3 nil.
    I agree with BC, the commentators were moaning in the first half but I was more than content, our tactics were totally stifling them. Second half we started to impose ourselves and Modric was starting to control the game when finding space.
  11. Qualsonic

    Qualsonic Good Grief

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    +3,431 / 147 / -59
    Today my MotM vote goes to...

  12. Bus-Conductor

    Bus-Conductor SC Supporter

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    +47,718 / 2,267 / -669
    Tactically, I think that was our best away game of the season. It was inches away from being a victory and a performance against a top 4 (sans us) team away from home. We shut them down, made the better chances and had 55% of the ball on their ground.

    Redknapp also gave a good tactical explanation post match as well. Actually made sense. I just wish I could be sure it won't be all forgotten next week.

    In the absence of a stand out candidate on the pitch (because there were several decent performances) I'd agree.
  13. degoose

    degoose Well-Known Member

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    +1,269 / 46 / -11
    ok looking at the stats king has votes . WTF he didn't play.
  14. bubble07

    bubble07 Well-Known Member

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    +7,658 / 412 / -81
    Adebayor Gallas and walker were our 3 best players.
  15. Pedro

    Pedro Blue & Yellow

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    +1,215 / 30 / -18
    Friedel 6 - Not much to do, needs to come off his line more.

    Walker 7.5 - Good game, defended well, was a real attacking threat - fantastic run full length of the pitch but shame Ade couldn't quite find him

    Kaboul 7.5 - Great as usual this season

    Gallas 8 - Faultless. If he can stay fit he has to be first choice over King on current form (hurts to say that), born leader and winner

    BAE 6 - OK, few daft moments but dosen't get much support from Bale

    Parker 7 - Busy, didn't try passes beyond his capability, stuck to what he is good at, looked better with Sandro and Modric around him in the centre

    Sandro 6.5 - Not at his awesome best, but was what we needed today, hope to see him play more.

    VdV 7 - Used the ball well generally, should have scored

    Modric 7.5 - Quiet to start with, but at times brilliant, great to see him play centrally with both Parker and Sandro

    Bale 7.5 - Once he got into the game he looked dangerous, good header although unchallenged so maybe could have done better, great free kick at the end, needs to track back with purpose rather than a token jog.

    Adebayor 8 - Just edges MOM for me, we really miss him when out, worked hard, holds up well, and unlike any other striker we have gets involved in build up play with great technical ability

    Harry 8 - Picked the right team, right formation, right tactics. Not so sure about taking VDV off for Saha though. Hope this will be our standard formation.
  16. Ionman34

    Ionman34 SC Supporter

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    +8,988 / 112 / -76
    Excellent post BC.
  17. yusrisafri

    yusrisafri Well-Known Member

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    +4,472 / 454 / -92

    Aaahhhh....but at least you counted the number of sentences...I'm honoured :razz:
  18. theaman

    theaman Member

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    Adebayor was immense. Wish he would play like this every week.

    Electric pace, great skill, hold up play and a great focal point for our attacking play.
  19. stevenqoz

    stevenqoz Well-Known Member

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    +403 / 54 / -3
    Friedel 6
    Walker 7
    Gallas 7.5
    Kaboul 7.5
    Benny 6
    Sandro 5.5
    Parker 6.5
    Modric 6.5
    Bale 6.5
    VDV 6
    Ade 7

    Saha 5.5
  20. stevenqoz

    stevenqoz Well-Known Member

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    +403 / 54 / -3
    Vanilla 4 5 1 nothing else.....first half lacked the pace and intent to get forward to support Ade. Second half we realised how ordinary Chelsea are.........

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