Sissoko joins Spurs (confirmed)

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by Geez, Aug 31, 2016.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by Geez, Aug 31, 2016.

  1. TottenhamMattSpur
    Oh come on.

    They get signed up by big premier league clubs and told they're ambitious, they want to play in europe and win things.
    Then it becomes obvious thats all bullshit and they're heading down. The team plays badly because they have useless twats like Mark McGee and Schteve McLaren in charge. When the team plays badly the individual looks worse. Then they worry about losing their international place.

    Any one with a job that sees their employer emphatically fall from grace, ANYONE would drop their heads.
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  2. spursintheblood
    Why the he'll did they bid for him then..? rubbish.
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  3. spursintheblood
    Personally I reckon he'll prove to be an astute and vital signing. Willing tk be quoted in years to come on that, but Spurs are now a technically gifted, relatively pacey, attacking and physically robust team. All at the same time! Looking forward to this team getting revved up.
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  4. UbeAstard
    Or we played it sensible by not starting high early which would probably have started a bidding war with other clubs ending with the fee beyond 30M.
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  5. parj
    I think it's Dier/Wanyama and Dembele/Sissoko. We need that option cos without Dembele we just lacked the midfield drive
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  6. whitesocks
    This is not a player I'm ever going to warm to unless he goes mad like Adebayor.
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  7. ginola007
    Levy has never seen a manager develops young players like Pochettino did, ever. Poch had turned young talents like Kane, Alli, Dier, and Rose into international players. Lamela's and Dembele's performances are now unrecognizable than a couple of seasons ago. Even Mason had developed into a fine EPL player. Poch had earned Levy's trust.
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  8. gloryglory
    Why not? He works really hard and is really good at football. What's not to like?
  9. Chedozie
    There's history with those two, a misunderstanding with car keys and a now ex-wife, I'll say no more.
  10. davidmatzdorf
    I agree, but I also think it runs the other way. Levy has always suspected that his managers prefer him to splatter ENIC's cash in pursuit of a quick result. I think Pochettino made it clear from Day One that he prefers to work with younger players and players who have not yet realised their potential, provided they have the right attitude, to build a squad who work together and trust him.

    I think that's what got him the job. It's not so much that he was willing to work within Levy's strictures and limitations. Rather that his whole pre-existing approach already played into the way Levy wants to run the club.
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  11. ginola007
    Finally an owner and a manager who see eye to eye with each other. May this partnership continues. And since this works out so nicely, let's hope Levy and co. don't sell once the stadium is built.
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  12. jolsnogross
    Nah. You're buying too deeply into the idea that Levy is some sort of transfer wizard. When you spend a club record fee on someone with mins to spare in the window, meeting the long stated asking price of the selling club, you don't really look like a transfer ninja. You look like a procrastinator who isn't listening to your strategic recruitment staff. Bidding 16 million initially and ending up at their asking price doesn't mean we might have ended up paying 44 million but we masterfully met them half way. It just means we paid the asking price that they weren't budging on.
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  13. whitesocks
    Sorry, but I find all that 'Arsenal are the club of my heart' business off putting.
    If they are going to declare anything, I'm looking more for 'I want to rip the beating hearts out of their chests' attitude.
  14. Gilzeanking
  15. diamondlight
    You're forgetting that Poch also has an interest in getting value for money wherever possible - he wants funds to be available going forward. There's nothing sensible about bidding high straight away. It rules out the chance of getting a bargain - sometimes the chance comes off, sometimes not. But some chance is better than zero chance.
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