Jimmy Bullard sheds some light on the plight of David Bentley

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by elvis7754, May 21, 2014.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by elvis7754, May 21, 2014.

  1. Edgarsglasses
    Can someone please shed some light on how Jimmy Bullard got into 2 England squads!!
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  2. cabinfever
    Twat if true!

    What a waste when you think of the thousands that would give anything to be in his position.
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  3. Spurger King
    Bullard seems like quite the literary mastermind.


    What a couple of wankers.
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  4. TottenhamMattSpur
    They both sound like the sort of idiots that work on a building site and love nothing more than getting on a train full of suits and making as much needless irritating noise as possible.
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  5. Rocksuperstar
    I quite like Jimmy, he's always seemed like a nice, normal bloke, enjoys his fishing and a laugh. That said, i bet him and Bentley together were a f*cking nightmare if anyone was trying to get anything done.

    Does shed a little light on how much research Postman Pa.. I mean, Capello did when selecting his squad.
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  6. 18Klinsmann
    One of the best examples of a player to buy his own hype to the extent that it crippled his performances and ruined his career. What a waste of talent - and money...
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  7. newbie
    Someone told me Bullard was a complete tosser I think it was the coach driver at Fulham. (Def was a coach driver at one of his clubs) At the time I thought Bullard was alright but his description fits the article however this was a long time ago.
  8. Rocksuperstar
    To be fair, there's nothing that you can't do on a train full of suits - they are a captive audience and already steeped in misery, it's like a big room on wheels, full up with red buttons.
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  9. Sum Monsterism
    Bentley was a waste from Blackburn on; I can remember him clearly scoring a goal for them and as his teammates all surrounded him he just shoved them away, turned his back to the camera and thumbed his name. It was so bloody awful, and bigheaded, I never ever forgot that. Too big for his own boots, too bloody quick to think he had made it.

    really, it's a terrible shame... hardly unexpected - but these stories about such unprofessionalism still stick in my throat.
    I would've thought that the pinnacle of a footballer's career - the ones who aren't gonna make Barca or Madrid - would be to play for the side they supported/loved as kids.

    And for us he just couldn't even do the simple stuff without trying to do it in some grandiose fashion - and cock it up.
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  10. guiltyparty
    What a twat

    Postman Pat? Worth fucking your career for

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  11. TottenhamMattSpur
    We're not miserable. We're mature and don't like to listen to semi literate fuck wits brazenly discussing what they drank and fucked.
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  12. Jody
    Db came down to Exeter for a friendly and was the most approachable player out of the squad. Put the rest to shame as he signed every thing going.
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  13. slartibartfast
    What a loser. And the sad prick thinks he's a winner. Pathetic.
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  14. Spurger King
    Probably because he loves being the centre of attention.
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  15. noiseboy55
    what a bellend.
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  16. UncleBuck
    Hate to say it mate but in his eyes he is, he's probably got more money in the glovebox of his 'Bentley' than the whole of SC combined....
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  17. Gaz_Gammon
    I met and spent some time will Bullard once at a pub Peterborough. I found him to be a down to earth, honest pro. Those who think that his antics (and those of Bentley) don't happen much at pro level are kidding themselves. Good player, who overachieved throughout his career.
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  18. Sum Monsterism
    £40k per week for probably, what - 8 years - of his twelve as a pro?

    It's obscene money.

    I genuinely feel sorry for him, not for being rich, but for falling out of love with what must have once been his ultimate passion.
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  19. SlunkSoma
    They both sound like absolute insufferable pricks.
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